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A busy final term of 2023 is halfway over and there’s still a lot to get through before we say goodbye to the 2023 academic year. The students are working through Milestone tasks in their subjects at the moment, which gives us an indicator of their progress in thier current unit. We strongly encourage families to have a discussion about what the tasks are and how they’re feeling about them.

This term we are focusing on the topic of bullying. In Mentor classes we have been working through a bullying unit to give students strategies to deal with a bullying situation and to inform students on what supports are available to them. This has also coincided with the National Week Without Violence, which took place early October. The year 7 students were able to listen to a guest speaker from The Pat Cronin Foundation. All combined, we hope this knowledge helps students make wiser decisions about bullying and acts of violence.


A huge congratulations to our recent Values Award recipients; they have constantly displayed their valued award, both in and out of the classroom.

Excellence: Elsa Ngo

Leadership: Emmie Chaiha

Respect: Benjamin Rose

Teamwork: Sebastian Francese


Away from GSC, it was very pleasing to have four year 7 students representing the school brilliantly at the recent Future Designers Workshop at The University of Melbourne: Aydin and Sarah from 7A along with Elsa and Yari from 7E. There was nothing but positive comments back from the organisers and the staff who accompanied the students. Congratulations to these four outstanding students.


As we draw closer to the Melbourne Cup holiday, it’s a good opportunity for our students to recharge their batteries and set their goals for what they want to achieve in the remaining time in year 7 or 8. There will soon be a Common Assessment Task (CAT) period, giving the students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning growth in term 4.

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