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Clubs & Activities

An important part of fostering a close community at our school is the range of clubs, activities and co-curricular opportunities.

Our clubs are driven by student interest and offer a range of fun and informative lunch-time activities, and we welcome suggestions for new clubs from our students.

Getting involved in these activities is a great way for students to enhance their sense of connection and belonging at school, to meet new friends from other peer groups, and to develop new skills and passions.

There’s something for everyone – from coding, gaming, planting trees, drawing and playing board games to sport and recreation or even science.

In addition to these clubs, there are also lots of other opportunities for students to be proactive, creative or just have fun, including our student run school newspaper, chess team and art club.

Students who need a hand with their homework can attend our help sessions after school and our Homework Club.

The clubs and activities timetable is published in our newsletter at the start of each term and on Compass.

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