Principal’s Message

Welcome to Greenvale Secondary College!

Greenvale Secondary College is a new school that is establishing itself to be known for academic excellence as well as having strong social and community values.

The community of Greenvale has long-awaited its own secondary school and it is fast becoming a success story: the secondary school of choice for local families and a school of which the community can be proud. The future of education for Greenvale is now here and students will be prepared for the innovation era and encouraged to dream, believe, and achieve.

Our school values reflect our vision and have been developed in partnership with our community and we opened in 2022 to year 7 students and will progress by year level thereafter meaning we will grow rapidly. 

At Greenvale we are supportive and positive with the growth of every individual student our absolute core focus. We have a learning environment that is built on high expectations for all, where all students are engaged in academic enrichment with a diverse and challenging curriculum, while ensuring they enjoy the caring and supportive environment in which they learn every day. This also means having a focus on student learning strengths including coaching and support for all staff and students.

At Greenvale Secondary College we have 2 main goals for every learner:

  1. To Ensure Academic Success
  2. To Foster Identify Development

To achieve this, we build on what’s strong, and we ensure parents commit to being partners in the learning journey.

Students are exposed to a diverse and challenging curriculum including, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Languages, Physical Education, Future Technologies, Visual and Performing Arts, Digital Media.  As the College grows, this will expand to include Music, Food Studies, as well as offering academic enrichment subjects in all learning areas.  STEAM will also feature strongly in our program from Year 7, providing the building blocks for our student’s success in future years.

The College will also ensure we supplement students’ learning with a wide range of co-curricular programs as well as encouraging them to get involved with the wider community.

The College is structured to provide maximum support to all students and families throughout their journey at Greenvale Secondary College. The structure at Greenvale Secondary College is:

  • Year 7 and 8 – The Junior School is where critical foundations are built, including teaching students to identify their own strengths, develop planning and concentration skills as well as taking responsibility for their learning by developing a resilient mindset
  • Year 9 – The Middle School is where students are encouraged to further develop their own identity by solving real world problems to develop those key 21st Century skills
  • Year 10, 11 and 12 – The Senior School is where engagement to school is further deepened through leadership development, and planning for future pathways and independence.

At Greenvale Secondary College we welcome you and look forward to you joining us as a school that not only delivers academic results but in which students, staff, parents and the community can be proud.

Mark Natoli

Foundation Principal
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