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Sports & Outdoor Education

As well as the extensive Physical Education and Health program offered as part of the curriculum at Greenvale Secondary College, we also provide great opportunities to participate in co-curricular sports programs.

Greenvale Secondary College is developing a strong history of excellence in Sport and Outdoor Education, and we encourage all students to participate in these programs over the course of the year. 

The college participates in the School Sport Victoria competitions in the Woodlands Division, the Western Metropolitan Region and State levels.

Sports are offered each term with Greenvale Secondary College staff coaching each team, and students are encouraged to participate in a sport of their choice per term.  Each year as a College we field teams across all year levels in the sports below.

Sports offered are as follows:

Term 1 – Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Cricket & Swimming

Term 2 – Golf, Netball, Aussie Rules, Badminton, Soccer & Cross Country

Term 3 – Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey & Athletics

Our major events for the year include the House Swimming Carnival, House Athletics Carnival and the House Cross Country Day, all held during Term 1 and 2.


Greenvale Secondary College runs a vibrant camp program, which exposes students to a variety of experiences throughout Australia. These programs will be available at each year level and are an integral part of the students’ school experience.

We believe that camps are a vital part of the broader school experience. Some of the benefits of camp include: developing healthy and positive peer to peer relationships, as well as student teacher relationships outside of the classroom. Students also develop important life skills such as: independence, communication, getting on with others in challenging circumstances, self-management; to name but a few.

Students are also exposed to a variety of learning opportunities outside of the formal classroom, using skills and knowledge from all of the subjects that we offer here at Greenvale.

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