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Academic Program

Our Academic Program is designed around traditional subjects that allow students to learn subject-based skills and knowledge at an in-depth level.  Each subject studied in Years 7-10 is planned with the VCE success in mind.

Students are exposed to a diverse and challenging curriculum including, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Languages, Physical Education, Future Technologies, Visual and Performing Arts, Digital Media.  As the College grows, this will expand to include Music, Food Studies, as well as offering academic enrichment subjects in all learning areas. 

The College will also ensure we supplement students’ learning with a wide range of co-curricular programs as well as encouraging them to get involved with the wider community.

Curriculum at GSC

A high floor, no ceiling – Thinking of the curriculum as a platform is a vital step because, in the 21st century, the goal of school systems is different from that in the 20th century. Then the goal of a school system was to sort children out – the minority who would go to university, fill the professions, and go on to lead the country, from the rest who would work in manual, skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled jobs. With that goal, a school system needed to provide high academic standards only for a few, while the rest needed the basics. Much of the trauma surrounding contemporary education reform has its roots in the need to abandon this outdated model.

The 21st century, by contrast, demands that everyone achieves high standards across a broad range of areas. Not all will go to university, but all need a standard of education that will enable them to adapt and change as they respond to the constant dramatic shifts in the global labour market.

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