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Junior School

Years 7 & 8

In Years 7 and 8, students undertake a complete course of studies which covers all domain areas, as prescribed by the Victorian Curriculum. This allows students to experience all subject offerings at the College before making a choice in Year 9.

We are committed to inspiring possibilities of all students, not just to ensure students are academically successful, but grow into socially informed, culturally competent, responsible, and multi-talented young people. We are committed in providing a safe and secure learning environment built on the foundations of our college values.

Teaching and Learning

We provide a rich and varied learning program aligned to the Victorian Curriculum, which embraces state- of-the-art learning facilities, designed to meet all of our learner’s needs. An important part of the junior school philosophy at Greenvale Secondary College is to develop strong relationships between students and teachers. G5 classes and teachers share time together and ensures a platform is built to incorporate house culture, our wellbeing curriculum, and career exploration learnings. Students experience a variety of learning environments, where they will learn as a village (team teaching), a tribe (students learn in a single class), and a crew (students learn in small groups).

At Greenvale Secondary College instead of changing classes to cater for learning needs, we are focusing on providing a personalised, differentiated curriculum that increases opportunities for student voice, choice, and engagement, to make the most of every student’s learning journey. In addition to traditional subject knowledge and skills, our curriculum will have a central focus on the capabilities where students will be Actively learning, Creatively thinking, Relating to others, Using language through symbols, ICT and being able to Manage self. Competency in all five capabilities will assist students in developing skills for the future, setting them up for success as empowered community citizens.

In our community, our dedicated staff work as collaborative specialist teams across the curriculum areas to establish engaging and innovative opportunities to learning. A variety of team and team teaching styles are used to enhance all learning spaces to promote greater collaborative and peer-to-peer learning. This innovative pedagogical approach will establish a deeper level of understanding to differentiate the curriculum and meet learner needs.

Students will engage in authentic learning opportunities through an exciting and diverse range of subjects, which will provide an individual, active learning experience. Our vision is to develop critical and creative learners with a deep understanding of Global Perspectives (English and Humanities) and Universal Reasoning (Science and Mathematics), which is fostered in our learning spaces. Further, every student will explore their strengths in specialist subject areas of Body and Mind (Health and PE), Languages, Future Technologies and The Arts will boost a positive connection to each student’s entry into a career pathway.

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology is a central feature of the learning environment at the College. All students in each year level are expected to purchase their own laptop through our 1-1 bring your own device program. This enables all students to access the teaching and learning programs at all times – including at home.

The College also has several dedicated computer rooms which are equipped with computers for instruction in the use of more specialised computer applications, and all classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards, which are now embedded features in the College’s teaching and learning practices.

Literacy and Numeracy Support

Literacy and numeracy are the foundations of a solid education and support the development of key skills. Individual Learning Programs (ILPs) and specialised instruction are provided for students with identified needs and on the basis of ongoing assessment of academic performance.
Year 7 and 8


Learning Strengths, Careers, Wellbeing (Full Year)

Global Perspectives

English (Full Year)

Global Perspectives

History, Geography, Economics, Business (Full Year)

Universal Reasoning

Mathematics (Full Year)

Universal Reasoning

Science (Full Year)


Italian or Chinese (Full Year)

Mind and Body

Health and PE (Full Year)

Future Technologies

Materials Technology, Food Technology (1 semester each)

Future Technologies

Digital Technologies / Robotics and Coding (1 semester each)

The Arts

Visual Art and Communication / Media (1 semester each)

The Arts

Music / Drama and Dance (1 semester each)

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