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G5 Skills

At GSC we believe that social and personal development of our learners is as important as academic development. The Greenvale G5 Learner Skills have been developed to reflect the Victorian Curriculum Capabilities (Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural, Personal and Social) and will be explicitly taught to our students and assessed in all learning areas.

These skills will also be reported on to families and feedback provided to students through developmental rubrics, meaning that for all Common Assessment Tasks we are also teaching and assessing these Learner Skills.

The University of Melbourne Partnership

To delivery on this new initiative, Greenvale Secondary College has partnered with the University of Melbourne in the New Metrics for Success which is a collaborative research venture between The University of Melbourne and selected forward-thinking schools to work in partnership to address the meta-problems faced by Australian schools today and in the future.

New Metrics for Success is an opportunity for innovative school leaders to join with academic experts and international trailblazers to reimagine and influence schooling in Australia – to move away from the ‘grammar of schooling’ that continues to lock our schools into many of the distinctive features of the 20th century version of education.

Australian schooling is ready for a paradigm shift and the development of new metrics to assess, credential and measure student and school success. Young people must now be educated and assessed in new ways so they are prepared for a very different future.

In this research-practice partnership, schools work with experts at the Assessment Research Centre to access University technology to support the creation and validation of new metrics.

The partnership provides the opportunity to:

  • work with progressive school leaders who have moved away from the traditional ‘grammar of schooling’
  • generate new and validated assessment tools
  • influence the development of new policy
  • garner the necessary support to facilitate real change in schools
  • connect with national and international networks of like-minded leaders.
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