Meet the Team


  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Diploma in Applied Science
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)
  • Graduate Certificate of Principal Preparation
  • Certificate in Training and Assessment

Mark Natoli is a Principal with over a decade’s experience as an educator. He is an experienced Principal and has a track record of leading a remarkable transformation in the schools he has worked, including reshaping the school’s culture, connectedness with community and ensured resources are directed towards work that enables students to thrive.

He is renowned for his collaborative approach. Starting in 2017, at Principal at his previous school he worked tirelessly with staff, students, and families to recast the school’s vision and construct the building blocks for a new way of working to support student success. Everyone at remembers the school gatherings where Mark and his team skilfully brought together the whole community to ensure everyone had their say.

Before this, Mark was a Campus Principal at a multi-campus school, where he led improvement in student outcomes by supporting the implementation of innovative curriculum and working in partnership with community.

And while he will rarely mention it, prior to education, Mark started his career in project management, managing projects in the $10 to $30M range. He knows how to get things done. In these early years, he worked out he had a knack for talking to anyone.

Whether he’s working with staff, helping students or talking with the community, Mark is clear and direct while showing empathy and understanding. He is a great listener who has developed strong and trusting relationships with students and their families. Mark truly believes that trust sits at the foundation for getting anything achieved and is passionate about working with young people. He loves celebrating students’ achievements and helping the adults who work with them to excel, including shaping the environment for these achievements to flourish.

Mark is now very proud and excited to be the Foundation Principal of Greenvale Secondary School and is looking forward to getting to know and working in partnership with the Greenvale community. Together with the community, Mark will create a school that is known for academic excellence as well as having strong social and community values.

He is energised by the potential to develop a school that not only delivers academic results but in which students, staff, parents and the community can be proud. With Mark’s leadership, the growth of every learner will be a core focus, supported by contemporary and best practice teaching and learning including engaged and expert teachers who collaborate around the needs of each learner.


  • Bachelor of Education (Post Primary)

For the last 8 years Mel has been Assistant Principal at Sandringham College, where she has led teaching and learning and student management. She is known for the trust she builds with staff and her ability to develop capacity in the teams she works with. 

Mel feels privileged with her appointment as Assistant Principal at Greenvale SC. She has a clear understanding of the work ahead and knows that the founding staff are going to build an outstanding school with academic excellence and strong social and community values. She can envisage the Greenvale SC classroom where she will see students with clarity in their learning, effectively collaborating; engaged and respectful; she will hear quality feedback, targeted questioning, and confident student voice; and she will feel that the learning environment is productive, safe, and supported with genuine teacher care being demonstrated. 

She cannot wait to work with Mark and the team of passionate teachers as they create curriculum to challenge and excite GSC students; to meet the inaugural GSC Year 7 students and their parents and determine how to maximise their learning; and to be a part of the Greenvale community.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Languages)
  • Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and Writing)
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
  • Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Lucy Gibbs is an educator with over 15 years’ experience working in schools and universities in Victoria and internationally. For the past 7 years she has worked in the regional centre of Wodonga as a Teaching and Learning Leader and Coach, and teaching English and Humanities from Years 7 to 12. She is delighted to be returning to Melbourne where she began her teaching career to embark on the role of Head of Curriculum at Greenvale Secondary College.

Lucy has focussed on classroom learning and teacher practice throughout her career, working with teams of teachers to bring curriculum to life in innovative and engaging ways, and enabling students to become keen and capable learners. She is excited to work collaboratively with the Foundation staff to create an environment where curious students thrive in their learning experiences in every classroom and learning area at Greenvale Secondary College. 

Lucy values her own role as a classroom teacher and loves time spent working with whole classes, groups and individual students. She looks forward to engaging with Greenvale’s first Year 7s, their families and the community in this capacity in addition to as a member of the College’s Foundation Leadership Team.


  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Prior to working at Greenvale Seocndary College, Kathleen had been working in the Eastern Suburbs community. She loves teaching English and Humanities and working as a Year Level Leader and Leading Teacher in the Middle Years Sub School team. For the last 4 years, Kathleen has embraced her role as Middle Years Transition and Programs, focusing on creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. She is proud of the programs she has implemented in her previous roles, particularly those that involve student voice and agency and prioritise connectedness to the school community. 

Kathleen’s philosophy of teaching and learning is ‘learning never ends’ so she is always seeking opportunities to evolve and improve the programs she implements to best support students. She is reflective and collaborative, working effectively as a team and using her passion to work independently and drive new initiatives.

Kathleen is very much looking forward to joining and connecting with the Greenvale Secondary College community. As Head of School, she is excited to foster a safe and supportive learning environment for students, parents and staff. She can’t wait to meet and work with everyone!


  • Graduate Certificate in Education Business Leadership
  • Certificate in Business

Julian’s appointment as Business Manager at Greenvale Secondary College is one that comes with great enthusiasm. As one of the foundation staff, having a positive influence in the early stages of the brand-new school is exciting to him. His passion has always been to work in schools, firstly with the ambition to be an educator which later developed into a greater interest to work in education support. 

He worked as a Finance & Enrolment Officer, where he has had the opportunity to build his experience, knowledge and leadership skills. He has had the opportunity to be in various school finance & administrative roles which have been the steppingstones into his new role as Business Manager. 

Julian brings with him his exceptional organisational skills, expertise and personable nature to ensure that he is providing the best opportunities for everyone at Greenvale Secondary College. He looks forward to meeting and working alongside the future students, families, staff, and the wider school community.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Youth Affairs)
  • Graduate Diploma of Professional Counselling
  • Graduate Certificate in Mental Health
  • Certificate in Training and Assessment

Tanya’s appointment as Student Wellbeing Manager at Greenvale Secondary College is one that comes with great eagerness and passion. Tanya is a qualified youth worker and counsellor who is currently completing her Masters in Mental Health. Tanya comes to Greenvale Secondary College with 24 years of experience, supporting young people and families who have required extensive support as a result of trauma, grief and loss, mental health, drug and alcohol concerns, medical illness and learning difficulties. Tanya is well known in and attuned to the local area.  As a result, Tanya has linkages and a wide knowledge of networks, local council support and agencies in the area.

Tanya’s framework of support is strength based and person centred.  Empowering and equipping young people and families with knowledge, strategies and a voice which as a result promotes self-determination, empathy and gratitude.  Tanya practices in a non-judgemental, compassionate and empathic manner.

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