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At Greenvale Secondary College, we pride ourselves on providing an exciting and stimulating learning environment that meets the needs of all our students and encourages them to dream, believe and achieve.

We would like to provide an opportunity for our community to share in our success by offering College Scholarships that support worthy students in realising their educational and social goals. The College motto, Dream, Believe, Achieve, signals to students that we provide them with every opportunity to reach their personal potential in an environment that promotes excellence, teamwork, leadership and unqualified respect for all individuals.

Scholarships open each year and are available in the following categories:

General Academic Excellence Scholarships

General Academic Excellence Scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated a strong academic background and wish to continue their pursuit of academic excellence in line with our College Values.

Students who wish to apply for this scholarship will have an exemplary academic record and have demonstrated strong work habits and outstanding application and achievement in one or more of English, Mathematics or Science, along with a strong performance in general studies and technology. The successful applicant will display a joy for learning, outstanding work ethic and behaviour and a preparedness to participate fully in the life of Greenvale Secondary College

Leadership Scholarships

Leadership Scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated strong leadership qualities and wish to experience leadership opportunities through the Student Leadership program offered at Greenvale Secondary College. The successful applicant(s) will display personal maturity, confidence, an outstanding work ethic and behaviour. They must be encouraging and supportive of fellow students and have the ability to inspire or motivate.

Sporting Scholarships

Sporting Scholarships are available to promising young athletes who demonstrate the qualities of sportsmanship both on and off the field; additionally, these students exhibit skills of teamwork. Supporting documentation and/or references will be required as evidence of level of sporting achievement. Potential recipients must also be able to demonstrate our College Values or Excellence, Teamwork, Leadership and Respect.

Visual and Performing Arts Scholarships

Visual and Performing Arts scholarships are available to students who demonstrate exceptional talent in one or more of the fields of music, drama, dance, and visual art (such as painting, drawing, or sculpting). Scholarships will be awarded to students based on talent, potential and a positive work ethic. Suitable candidates will display an eagerness to participate fully in the opportunities on offer in the visual and performing arts areas.

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