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The Student Services team would like to introduce Niky and Aadya. Both are completing their Masters of Counselling through Monash University. Niky and Aadya will be with GSC in Term 4, 2023 and Term 1, 2024 providing 1 on 1 counselling and small group support.



The Week Without Violence is an initiative created by YWCA, USA in 1995. Over the past two decades, organisations around the world have hosted community events to end violence against women. This year’s theme is ‘Listen, Believe, Connect: Connect with organisations and people who can help.’

Every year hundreds of people mark the WWV by painting T-shirts. The Clothesline Project concept is simple: each participant expresses their feelings about family violence, on a T-shirt.

This year every Greenvale Secondary College student had an opportunity to participate in this activity. The results were outstanding!

Prevention of violence starts with modelling respectful relationships and having conversations with your children and young people. For support around having these conversations please see the links below:

If you or anyone you know needs support or advice please see the link and helplines below:




Greenvale Secondary College invited the Pat Cronin Foundation to come and speak to the Year 7 students during the Week Without Violence. In partnership with schools, Pat Cronin Foundation is hoping to end social violence that destroys young lives.


The information session provided students with a better understanding of how to deal with anger before it becomes aggression. Students were shown how a single decision can have life-lasting consequences. Students also discussed and developed an awareness of strategies that suits them and their friends.




We have just been informed by State School Relief that a number of changes are going to take effect from the 27th of November, 2023.

These changes include:

As a result I would encourage you to make contact with the school prior to this date if you have uniform needs for your child for 2024 and you meet the criteria for State School Relief Support.

Please note that State School Relief do not have text book vouchers for 2023/2024.



The end of the year is near and we are planning for 2024.
We are aware that purchasing school uniforms and school books are expensive and the school tries to assist where possible. We have been asked about second-hand books and uniforms and in the past, this has been difficult being a brand-new school. Moving into 2024 as our 3rd year of functioning we hope to have second-hand texts and uniforms on offer. 

If you have any school uniforms or textbooks you would like to donate to the school we would be more than happy to take these items off your hands to be included in a second hand store at the school.




The weather in Melbourne sometimes reflects our life. One minute the sun is shining, providing instant energy and warmth. Then, the wind unexpectantly blows, nearly knocking us off our feet. Building resilience in our students supports these occasions.

Many people believe that resilience is just about one’s ability to bounce back. Resilience is so much more than that. Resilience is about building the skills to be able to endure hardships.

Resilience is the ability to adapt to difficult situations. When stress, adversity or trauma strikes, you still experience anger, grief and pain, but you’re able to keep functioning — both physically and psychologically. However, resilience isn’t about putting up with something difficult, being stoic or figuring it out on your own. In fact, being able to reach out to others for support is a key part of being resilient.



Resilience is what allows us to get through tough times and get back up on our feet.

Resilience might look something like this:

‘Bouncing back’ and moving forward after tough times.

Dealing with challenges and still getting through your day-to-day.

Being a problem-solver.

Being adaptable and flexible – you can go with the flow!

Standing up for yourself.

Coping with life is being able to handle both the good and the not-so-good stuff that life throws at you.

Having healthy strategies. Healthy strategies are like good plans to feel better when things are difficult. It’s like having a secret recipe to stay strong and happy inside.

Emotional toughness and your strength from inside.

Giving things a go and trying your best.

Having a ‘growth mindset’ – you know that by trying, learning, and not giving up you can do anything!



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