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Welcome to the first edition of our Connect Newsletter for 2024. 

As the proud Principal of Greenvale Secondary College, it is exciting to be able to share with you the many great things currently happening in our school. Being the start of a school year, we have welcomed a new cohort of students into year 7 – a cohort that will graduate from Greenvale Secondary College in 2029! The first 5 weeks of the year have gone very quickly, but it hasn’t taken any time to notice how proud our students and parents are of our school. This has been especially evident at our first Assembly of the year.

Our school pride was also evident at one of the first events of the year: our Welcome BBQ, held on February 8th. It was most pleasing to see so many of our new families attend our Welcome BBQ. These types of events are so important as we continue to establish our school community and it was great to hear so many positive stories afterwards from the families who attended. 



The College has been busy with recruitment, and in 2024 we have the following new staff: 


The College has also completed the process to appoint staff to positions of responsibility for 2024, these include: 


The following staff are Mentor Teachers in 2024: 

7A Miss. Laura Carland 8A Miss. Rene Van Rooyen 
7B Miss. Brittney Moro 8B Miss. Nina Ye 
7C Mr. Liam Murphy 8C Mrs. Melinda Gall 
7D Miss. Taylah Watson 8D Ms. Diane Dixon 
7E Miss. Gayle Maginn 8E Mr. Ryan Patterson 
8F Miss. Emily Leenaars 
9A Mr. Maxim Sheko 9D Mr. Liam Watt 
9B Miss. Lucy Gibbs 9E Miss. Tianshi Luu 
9C Mrs. Angela Alessandri 









In 2024, the College is guided by the following members of the Leadership Team: 



Our College Music Program continues to go from strength to strength as our students’ music proficiency grows. Recently, our music students showcased their talents at our Welcome BBQ.

We have a few available spots remaining for various instrumental lessons. Anyone interested in learning a musical instrument is encouraged to contact the College. 



Greenvale Secondary College offers a number of academic enhancement programs for our students. At Greenvale, we provide opportunities for students to do things that reflect their passion or interest. This ensures students take leadership of their learning and promotes more rapid learning growth. Our 2024 program will commence for students in the next week and it will be fantastic to see all students being supported to achieve high levels of learning growth. 



The College has now announced dates for both our 2025 Family Information Sessions and College Tours. The enrolment demand on our College continues to increase and we are looking forward to meeting future families to show them our fabulous school

Bookings for both the Information Sessions and College Tours are available by visiting our website – www.greenvalesc.vic.edu.au  




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