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The College continues to be busy with learning and activity as we approach the mid-point of Term 4. As Term 4 learning culminates, we have much to look forward to. Planning for 2024 has begun and we have approached awards season. Our end of year Awards and Presentation Evening is to be held on Thursday 14 December!

At this stage in the term, it is timely to consider our focus value of Teamwork. It is encouraging to see the many ways our students have been demonstrating this value including:



This term the College received the results of the 2023 Student Attitude to School Survey. A summary of this data is included below.

It is very pleasing to see that our students continue to have a strong experience at school (especially compared to students across the state) and that their experience has been improving as the school grows. Our community can be proud of the work the College has done and can be confident in the experience our students have each day.

% Positive Endorsement by Factor

Differentiated Learning Challenge73%58%75%56%
Effective Classroom Behaviour67%56%82%54%
Life Satisfaction53%50%71%51%
Attitudes to Attendance81%74%90%72%
Motivation and Interest67%54%72%51%
Teacher Concern58%35%64%33%



As you can see from both onsite and our social media updates, construction has commenced! The College is pleased that progress is being made and that things are moving along quickly.

Thank you to parents and community members who remain patient with the increased traffic along Glencairn Drive and for providing us with any feedback you have. We look forward to sharing more detailed drawings of our new facilities in the coming months.


Following extensive meetings and lobbying on behalf of our community to the State Government and Public Transport Victoria, the College is excited to announce that two new dedicated bus services have been approved for our students to use from Term 1, 2024.

All other bus services will remain the same in the area. The schedule for the new services will hopefully be released in December and will cover our enrolment zone. The two bus services will be:


NEW STATEGIC PLAN – 2023 – 2027

Information was previously provided to you by our College regarding our review process and our reviewing panel’s recommendations. Since then, School Council has met and considered the review reports and recommendations and has accepted the new goals and key improvement strategies.

The new strategic plan for 2023 to 2027 is now available on our College website and includes the following goals and strategies:

In early 2024 the College will be working with our community to bring this plan to life and to create a shared understanding of what our College will be like in 2027!



The start of Term 4 has been positive – even if the weather has been a challenge! Our whole school assembly was a success! It was a great opportunity to recognise our students’ achievements and to share our plans for this term, and beyond into 2024, with our entire school community. 


YEAR 7 2024

On 26 October we had the pleasure of welcoming our new cohort of Year 7 students who will join us in 2024, and their families, for an information night. Our Family Information Session aimed to set up our new cohort for success through presentations from several key staff members and knowledgeable students.  Whilst it is a long time away – the new year 7 class will graduate from Greenvale Secondary College in 2029! We look forward to forming a strong relationship with the class of 2029 across this time!


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