Building a music program from the ground up is an exciting task, and we have been fortunate enough at Greenvale Secondary College to be able to start this process.  There has been a huge amount of enthusiasm and interest amongst the student body when it comes to taking part in instrumental lessons, with 41 of the current 120 year seven students taking lessons with either Mr Toby Hammond or Miss Catherine Bates.  Instruments currently being learnt include keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, voice and violin, with some students also honing their composition skills as part of these lessons. 

Whilst the instrumental program is still in its infancy, we have been treated to a performance by some of our singing students at an assembly already, with many more performances from other students to follow throughout the year.  As student confidence, skill level and experience increases, we will be extending these performances to formats and location external to the school environment, so as to share the amazing talents our students have with the wider community, and so students can experience the thrill of performing “for real”. 

As part of growing the instrumental music program, Greenvale Secondary College was lucky enough to be awarded the Yamaha Great Start Grant for 2022.  Beginning in 2017, this Australia-wide grant is awarded to one school each year which has the desire and support in place to implement a traditional concert band-style instrumental program, but lacks the equipment.  As recipient of the grant, Greenvale Secondary College will receive a total of 28 instruments (five clarinets, one bass clarinet, three flutes, two alto saxophones, one tenor saxophone, two French horns, four trumpets, three trombones, one euphonium, one tuba, a keyboard, a concert bass drum, a snare drum, a glockenspiel and a pair of crash cymbals) as well as some accessories such as instrument stands, percussion mallets and an amp.  This is a fantastic outcome for the music program, and will set us well on our way to becoming a school renound in the area for musical ensembles and proficiency in both contemporary and traditional streams of music. Huge thanks must go to parent Ms Tammy Hocking for assisting with the application, as well as Mr Natoli and Miss Bates. 

Although we are half-way through the year, it is not too late for interested students to enrol in instrumental music lessons for the remainder of the year.  Of course, lessons will also be available to all students in both years 7 and 8 in 2023, with expressions of interest for these opening soon.  For those who are already learning, make sure to keep up regular, productive practice so as to take full advantage of the wonderful opportunity and highly-skilled teachers you have, and don’t be afraid to take any performance opportunities which may come your way. 

Music at Greenvale Secondary College is part of the core curriculum for all students. Instrumental music (including voice as an instrument) is an optional program for which the school provides tuition via a trained music instructor and access to instruments.

Why Learn Instrumental Music

It’s fun and allows you to be part of our exciting ensemble program.

Learning music activates different parts of our cognitive processes and helps in learning a variety of other disciplines. It’s also a great way to experience the benefits of persistence … and you come away with some cool skills.

You get to perform and represent the school as a leader of our music program. There will be many opportunities for engaging outside the school in community events, trips, etc over the years.

Instruments Available

Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, Drums & Vocals. (More instruments will be added in future years)

What It Costs

$10.00 per week paid in one lump sum at the start of the year or instalments by arrangement with the Business Manager ($400 for 40 weeks. This is non-refundable if you withdraw from lessons as specialist teachers are employed after your expression of interest).

$100 instrument hire annually (excluding Voice or if you bring your own instrument).

  • subsidises some of the costs to make it more accessible for you.
  • If financial support is required, please contact the Business Manager

What You Get

  • 40 weeks of lessons (size dependent on which instrument you are learning)
  • Tuition with a music instructor.
  • Ensemble participation.
  • Performance opportunities.
  • Music leadership badge.

I Am a Parent Who Wants to Help Out

We are interested in creating a Friends of Music parent group to assist at performance events or to help fundraising for new instruments … or to participate as you are able.

Please email if you are interested in being part of this group.

What Do I Need to Do?

  1. Contact the college for a sign up form
  2. Return the form in person at the front office or via email to email to
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