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The first few weeks of term 4 have been an amazing time for the instrumental music program with students very excited for our first annual performing arts gala. Last term, when first announced, our performing arts gala (to showcase our student’s hard work throughout the year), and the fact that everyone would be performing in front of the entire school community, brought mixed reactions. Students had a range of responses– from excitement to nervousness.  But, these students overcame their feelings and put on an amazing show for our attendees. It’s great to see students pushing themselves to show resilience through the performing arts where many haven’t performed in front of a large audience, or performed at all before! This is to be recognized and congratulated!

We began our performing arts gala with Bossa Nova from Blake, Benjamin and Wez, who are the core of our jazz ensemble (which aims to extend students’ musical reading and playing abilities). We continued our gala night with singers, guitar ensembles, pianists, and drummers. One student performed an original song. Deniz B played the saxophone. The Greenvale ensemble finished the show.

The performing arts is not just music, but dance and drama as well. Through a dance number performed by Khadijah and Emmie, we were able to showcase just a fraction of what has been happening at the college. These students were an important part of the Victorian State School Spectacular (VSSS) dance team, who performed at John Cain Arena in front of 10,000 people for two shows.

We would like to thank our MCs for the night, Christopher and Elsa, for hosting us so spectacularly. We would also like to thank everyone else who made the performing arts gala night possible, from Jack, Ms McPhail, to the office ladies for decorating the library, and to Liz our business manager for the refreshments. It was a spectacular night and we cannot wait for the next one!

Our students did an incredible job showing the importance of extra-curricular programs at schools like the instrumental music program. VSSS expressions of interest for dance and singing are now open. We have a diverse range of instruments available to learn for 2024 including the: trumpet, clarinet, trombone and even tuba. Feel free to get in touch with Mr Rocek or Ms McPhail for more details on how to join the music program. 

Lastly, we have welcomed a new member of the instrumental music team, Jack, who will be taking over guitar, keyboard and a few other instruments. Jack has been a great help over the past term, and we officially welcome him as a member of staff.

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