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Term 3 has been such an exciting term! Students have had several exciting experiences in instrumental music performing as soloists and as ensembles for concerts and assemblies.

Students have been tasked with learning many different pieces of music in many different genres this term to not only expand their musical vocabulary but also in preparation for performances at the college. The first instrumental concert was in week 5. Students setup the library for their concert and then proceeded to put on a show for their peers. We had excellent performances from several students, including: Osman O on the drumkit playing “Caught Up” by Usher, Shane playing “Yellow Submarine” on the piano, and Deniz B playing “Hard Rock Blues” on the saxophone. Multiple ensembles played songs, including: Seham, Cesur, Talha and Deniz D playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Stand By Me” was performed by vocalists Elisa O and Jasmine K  accompanied by pianists Christopher, Peter and Pheonix. Blake, Wez and Benjamin performed an Animal Crossing song, displaying complex chords and rhythms having worked so hard all year to perform the song. Lastly, the Greenvale Ensemble performed together for the first time at a lunchtime concert. The enhancement band played Power Rock with classics merged to the delight of the audience– who eagerly got involved with the show. 

Students also have been performing– singing and playing guitar– at school assemblies, ensuring entertainment for all. It has truly been an amazing term for students to showcase the hard work that has been occurring during instrumental lessons all year long. Keep up the good work and keep practicing for further upcoming performances.

The enhancement program is a great outlet for students of all skill levels to join to enhance their music reading and playing abilities. Students looking to realize their musical ambitions can speak to any staff member to join the music program


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