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The event Survivor Day involved the whole school, all representing their houses.  We as members of the SRC planned the amazing activities for us to earn points and hopefully win the 2023 House Cup! The day aimed to build the connections between year levels. There was Weetbix Whistling, Bottle Flipping, Balloon Blowing, Penne Pasta Sticks, Dodgeball and everyone’s favourite – Tug of War! It was a great atmosphere.

Survivor Day was not only about having fun but teamwork as everyone had to work together as a team to earn points. This all taught us that it wasn’t about the games, but it was more about the experience. This also helped us to demonstrate all the school values. Overall, it was such a good day thanks to Miss Timms and Mrs De Amicis who have worked a lot to make the day possible in the first place and to the staff for participating with us. Thank you to everyone who attended, it was the best day ever and hopefully in the future we will make it even better!

Congratulations to POORNEET who challenged themselves, had a go and won the 2023 House Cup!

Musty and Emmie

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