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Greetings Greenvale Secondary College Community!

We are thrilled to share exciting news from our dedicated Student Representative Committee (SRC). They have been hard at work, collaborating with teachers and mentors, to bring the spirit of house competitions into the classroom and mentor groups.

One of their current initiatives involves the creation of interactive Kahoot quizzes, tailored for mentor classes. These engaging Kahoots will provide an opportunity for students to earn house points. By incorporating house competitions into daily activities, our SRC aims to foster healthy competition and a sense of belonging within our school community.

But that’s not all! The SRC has even bigger plans in store. Throughout the year, they will introduce a range of fun activities for students to earn house points. These activities will include designated “House Point Days” where students can participate in friendly competitions, sports events, talent showcases, and more. By diversifying the opportunities to earn house points, the SRC aims to engage students from all walks of life, ensuring that every individual has a chance to contribute to their house’s success.

The ultimate goal of these initiatives is to create a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the school houses. Students will work collaboratively, supporting and cheering on their peers, while fostering a positive and inclusive school environment.

We commend our SRC for their creative efforts and dedication in bringing house competitions beyond traditional events. Let’s all look forward to an exciting year filled with friendly competition, shared accomplishments, and a stronger sense of community within our school.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements from the SRC throughout the year!


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