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Our students have had a solid start to the year and are now starting to settle into their new classes and learning. Much of the work the first three weeks has included explicitly teaching students classroom routines in their subjects to become more confident and effective learners. With all students from Year 7-9 we have had a specific focus on being ready to learn. This is something that parents and carers can help their child with by prompting them to check that they have a charged laptop, a clean uniform, their planner, books and pencil case every day.   

It was lovely to chat with so many parents at our Welcome BBQ. Our Year 7 camp is not far away, and will be a great opportunity for students to get to know each other and their teachers better, to challenge themselves in activities and to become more confident young people.  

Our Year Level Leaders have been in contact with many of you already, introducing themselves and discussing strategies to support your child. Evidence shows us that the more effectively families and the school work together, the greater the educational outcome is for the child. So, please keep communication channels open and let us know if/when there is ever an issue or concern. 


Year 7Year 8Year 9
Head of Sub-School Mr Sinderberry Mr Sinderberry Ms Timms
Year Level Leaders Mr Van’t Schip Ms Lazaras Ms Bakdache 
 Ms Dixon Mr Watt 


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