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It has been an extremely busy and productive end to the 2023 school year, with students engaged in a range of learning and enrichment activities to see out December.

Across all subjects, students completed the final Common Assessment Tasks for Year 7 and 8. This means that teachers have been busy assessing student progress, giving feedback and preparing reports to be ready for students and families at the end of term.

The end of CATs signalled a move towards two key end of year features- celebrating the year gone and getting ready to begin 2024. Celebratory events have included:

As we now move our minds to the new school year, we have welcomed our 2024 Year 7s for Orientation Day. This exciting event included students getting to know one another, meeting GSC staff and their future teachers and getting acquainted with all things secondary school, from the canteen to changing classrooms to challenging new subjects. Additionally, the current students have experienced a taster of their year to come with an Early Start Year 8 and 9 Day, which was particularly significant for Year 9s who will be entering our first ever Elective Subject program and their GSC Connect subject.

It is understandable for students to feel tired and some extent of ‘brain drain’ after such a big term and year. As such, we encourage a long, proper break from schoolwork over the holidays. That said, continuing to exercise their minds in different ways is a great way for teens to stay connected to learning during the long holidays. Activities such as journal writing, physical activity, experiencing local or far places as tourists and reading for pleasure are to be encouraged alongside lots of sleep and down time so that students return refreshed and ready for 2024.

We look forward to seeing Year 7 students start their Greenvale Secondary College journey on Wednesday 31st January, and Year 8 & 9 on Thursday 1st February. The first three/two days of Week 1 will be the Start Up Program where we prepare students to be ‘ready to learn’. Activities include settling into the new class, setting up the locker, drawing up a couple of copies of the Timetable (for locker and home), ensuring students are on the school network and able to use Teams, OneNote and Compass.

We thank parents and caregivers for your support of your child and us this year and look forward to working with you again next year. Please ensure that your child has all his/her/their books, a laptop and uniform for Day 1 to make their transition to 2024 successful!



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