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The final weeks of Term 3 have been busy and full for GSC students, who have participated in a broad range of learning, wellbeing and sporting activities. It is always pleasing to see students adapting with positivity and contributing ideas about the changes in our growing school, including their ideas about making the best use of our space as the Stage 2 Construction commences, in our Student Representative Council and as we continue to prepare the learning program for our Year 9s in 2024.



As we wrap up our Term 3 focus on the core value of Respect, we encourage students and families to continue to consider this quality in all of their interactions around the school. We encourage families to maintain discussion around the meaning of respect, what it looks and feels like, and the powerful impact that respectful relations with peers, adults and the community can have when practiced purposefully.

In Term 4, our focus will move to the value of Teamwork. At Greenvale Secondary College we aim to work together to achieve our goals through trust and mutual support. Teachers will be exploring what Teamwork means in the context of classroom learning and being part of a school community, and explicitly teaching your children how they can best live this value in their daily lives at the College. You can support us in this work by discussing the key success criteria that we will use to help students understand their progress. These include:



At GSC we are proud of our Languages program, which has all students participating in learning a Language Other Than English as part of the Victorian Curriculum requirements. Beyond this we also celebrate the linguistic diversity of our students, recognising the richness that bilingual and multilingual students and families bring. Language diversity in our school community enhances our skills in communication and creativity, and adds complexity to our world view. This term, the strength of the Language program at Greenvale has been exemplified by the high numbers of students electing to continue their studies of Italian and Chinese into Year 9.

In the final week of term, the celebration of languages has been college-wide with a suite of activities organised by our Italian and Chinese teachers, Ms. Lu and Mr. Tomolo. This has included peer teaching of the dozens of languages spoken by our students and teachers, and has extended into cultural experiences of food, music and dance. Languages Week culminated on Thursday of Week 10, when experts were brought into the school to teach Kung Fu. Sports, craft and cooking activities were also run by our own staff. It has been fantastic to see students sharing their own languages, embracing those that they study and broadening their experiences of languages new to them with enthusiasm.



As adults we understand the imperative nature of holiday time to assist us in resting and recharging for work and challenges that lie ahead. It is also crucial that we model this practice to our children and to encourage the use of school break periods to engage in activities that both enrich them and bring joy and mental respite after the busy assessment period.

Tips for a Restful School Holiday:

  1. Establish a Routine: while it’s essential to relax, maintaining some structure can help students make the most of their time off. Encourage a balanced schedule that includes sleep, physical activity, and leisure.
  2. Limit Screen Time: screen time can interfere with quality rest. Set reasonable limits on device usage and encourage outdoor activity, reading, and other non-screen activities.
  3. Explore New Interests: encourage your child to try new activities or hobbies they may not have had time for during the school term, especially those which promote creativity and personal growth.
  4. Connect and Communicate: use this time to strengthen family bonds. Engage in conversations, plan shared outings, and create lasting memories together.
  5. Plan for the Future: discuss goals and aspirations for the upcoming term. Setting academic and personal objectives can motivate students to return to school with renewed focus.
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