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Welcome to our final newsletter for 2023 in our Foundation Year.

This edition will show you that this term has again been very busy with plenty of exciting events and activities.


End of Year Reports for all students will be published in the final weeks of Term 4 on Compass. All parents will receive a notification when published and are encouraged to contact the relevant Mentor Teacher if you have any follow up questions.

These reports will show parents the great learning their child has engaged in for 2022 as well as providing some useful guidance on strategies for improvement in 2023. As a result, we ask that parents take the time to discuss the report with their child and engage in the learning journey with us.


After what has been a very busy and productive year, it was great to see so many of our families and community at our very first Awards and Presentation Evening. It was a great night, and with over 350 people in attendance is a great demonstration of the support our College and students have.

Equally impressive is that Deputy Secretary, Dr David Howes attended and was one of our guest speakers, which continues to show the extensive support and recognition our school is receiving from the Department of Education.

Congratulations to all students involved and especially for those who presented, and received awards including:

Principals Academic Attitude Award
Madison Murray


Head of School Award (Yr 7&8)
Cem Altun


Learning Area Awards

Global PerspectivesMadison Murray
Universal ReasoningMadison Murray
Languages – ChineseKeola Kang
Mind and BodySienna Cooper
Arts – Performing ArtsLeyla Saylik
Arts – Visual Art
 Yara Morsi


Sport Award
Noah Torallo


House Awards

Waring House ChampionHunter Fucile
Garrawang House ChampionArif-Emre Unlu
Biderap House ChampionEliz Atik
Poorneet House ChampionMadison Murrary
House Cup ChampionsWaring – Hunter Fucile


Values Awards

ExcellenceDeniz Calis
LeadershipAlissa Sefer
RespectSummer Brooks
TeamworkJason Hadchity


Learning Growth Awards (5+ subjects)

Berra Akyildiz  

Matthew Aliquo  

Kaan Bircan  

Jayden Borg  

Tiah Carraro  

Abigail Catchpole  

Sienna Cooper  

Rose Mlikota  

Madison Murray  

Sofia Zovko 

Daniel Parisi  

Ava Sartori  

Uzair Shah  

Arif-Emre Unlu  

Sapphire Rose Vitez  


Attendance Awards

Omar Al Rozzi  

Solomon Basit  

Kaan Bircan  

Jayden Borg  

Deniz Calis  

Dilara Calis  

Shane Silva 

Sienna Cooper  

Justin Demicoli  

Ruby Dombrzalski  

Alessia Granata  

Madison Murray  

Carla Rametta  

Nisa Ukur 

Jason Hadchity  

Abdul Hafda  

Keola Kang  

Mia Liberato  

Luisa Matei  

Rose Mlikota  

Aleyna Mourad  



 Recently we had the pleasure of shortlisting several students who applied for the roles of Mentor, House and Music Captains in 2023. These students then were provided the opportunity to deliver a presentation to their group before all students voted for their preferred candidate in each role. Throughout this process, all applicants impressed us all with their commitment to the College as well as their maturity and professionalism.

As a result of this lengthy process, I am very pleased to be able to announce the following students and their roles in student leadership for 2023, where they will work with our College Leadership Team to ensure we have a successful foundation year. These students will be presented with the Leadership Pins at our next assembly.

Year 8 Level Captains

Narin KaradanSafir Rahmin
Isabella QuagliarellaDaniel Parisi
Summer BrooksKaan Bircan


House Captains

WaringRose Mlikota and Hunter Fucile
GarrawangGeorgia Pollakis and Keola Kang
PoorneetMadison Murray and Jason Hadchity
BiderapSera Kocaturk and Ziyad Karrar


Music Captains

Madison Murray and Leyla Saylik


Congratulations to these students – we are looking forward to working with them in 2023.

Our 2023 Year 7 Year Level Captains will be nominated in Term 1.


Finally and on behalf of our College community, I would like to wish you and your family a relaxing and enjoyable holiday break! Thank you for all your support in 2022 as we continue to develop a successful secondary college in Greenvale, and we look foward to continuing to work with you in 2023.


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Semester 2 Reports will be available to parents at 4pm on Friday 16 December. These reports will summarise where your child is at in each subject (Working with Assistance, Working Towards the Standard, Working at the Standard, Working Beyond the Standard). There will also be a Mentor Teacher’s Report, MYLNS and Instrumental Music (if relevant). We ask you to spend some time looking at the rubrics attached to the CAT Learning Tasks which will give you more detail regarding where your child is on the skills continuum and strategies for improvement. Please note, if your child has not progressed in one or two criteria, it does not necessarily mean that they have NOT shown growth. Sometimes there has been growth in almost all of the sub-skills in the level above, but not all. This is usually reflected in the comments in the feedback.

We believe it is very important to take a strength-based approach, especially when working with young people. We remind parents to name and celebrate the strengths/growth of your child regularly. It is important for young people to hear their parents praise and support and the research indicates it has an impact on their attitude to learning.

We know that each child has their own starting point and their own growth journey. Our job as teachers and parents is to know what each child is capable of, to have high but realistic expectations and importantly to support them in their learning journey so that they feel empowered to learn (not afraid of failing).

In 2023 we have partnered with The Resilience Project which to teach students positive strategies to prevent mental ill-heath and build young peoples’ capacity to deal with adversity. We will be implementing their evidence – based Teaching and Learning Program through our mentor program, extra-curricular wellbeing program, staffroom and school community. Early next year you will have access to a parent portal which will give you resources, ideas, and practical tips on how to support your child with gratitude, empathy and mindfulness (GEM).

Over the holidays you might like to listen to the podcast led by Hugh van Cuylenburg (founder of The Resilience Project) which is all about how ‘perfectly imperfect’ we are. The panel chat to a variety of interesting people who share their struggles and imperfections in the hope that the listener will learn some valuable take-aways we can apply to our own imperfect lives.

Wishing you all a great summer break, and I am looking forward to working with you again in 2023!


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While the extended break over summer is undoubtedly a chance for students to have some respite from the rigours of the academic year, the importance of maintaining key skills over this holiday period is also widely acknowledged. The ‘summer slide’ (researched in countries with extended mid-year breaks for decades) has more recently been recognised for its impact on Australian students. As the name suggests, this phenomenon sees students lose some of the gains they have made in skills frequently practiced at school as they are abandoned for leisurely pursuits of the holidays.

It may come as a relief to parents that recent research suggests that although this slide is common, it is not ‘inevitable’ (Kuhfeld, 2019). There are simple ways that families can engage students in key skill areas without taking away from their much-needed rest.

In 2023, Greenvale Secondary College will have a renewed focus on building reading skills across the curriculum. Over the year, we will share ideas and strategies on engaging your children in wide reading and extending their skills at home. Below are three tips on how your can get a head start in this area and encourage your children to both maintain and build their abilities in reading over the extended break.


 It is amazing how much a having a shiny physical book in students’ hands can actually entice them to open up and start reading. Given as gifts that you have carefully chosen, curated to your child’s interests, models the value of books. Alternatively, making a trip to the local library and allowing students to make a selection based on their own passions gives them agency in their own reading to encourage engagement in the process. Accessing the English texts for the school year ahead (‘Sister Heart’ for 2023 Year 7s and ‘Once’ for 2023 Year 8s) is also a meaningful task that frontloads students for the learning ahead. We always encourage parents to read the texts as well so that students have someone to discuss with at home.


In the same way that families hold movie nights and other activities during this precious time at home together, creating opportunities to read together helps children and teenagers look forward to the shared time. It can be linked to existing traditions- for example, by reading a novel together in advance of watching the film version. This is also a great time to explore a range of texts that might interest your family- newspapers, magazines, non-fiction texts and graphic novels can all be shared in the same way that literary texts can.


As students become older and enter their teens, it can become more challenging or even intimidating for families to assist them with the learning they bring home from school. Supported shared reading is a simple way to help students extend their skills which also promotes enjoyable time together. You can have your child read aloud, or you can read silently together, stopping to discuss challenging words, check comprehension or predict what might come next in a story. When a child is reading allowed, the simple ‘Wait. Ask. Skip.’ strategy outlined on this page can build confidence in students to persist when reading become challenging.

Kuhfeld, M. (2019). Surprising new evidence on summer learning loss. Phi Delta Kappan, 101(1), 25–29.

Spencer, R. (2014). Preventing your kids’ summer reading slide. The Conversation. Retrieved December 15, 2022, from


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Term 4 has been a challenging but exciting term for students, encouraging significant growth in learning and resilience. This term’s value focus was Teamwork and it has been evident in classroom activities and extracurricular events that students have been working on their communication skills, building their confidence to share their ideas and including all members of their group.  

One of the highlights of the term was certainly Awards night where students were recognised for their diverse achievements throughout the year. Work was displayed across all subjects for the community to admire. Student speakers wrote and practiced their speeches and spoke confidently about the events of the year, sharing their own reflections. The most impressive part was the amount of families in attendance, celebrating our Foundation Year together and enjoying coming together as a community at the Broadmeadows Town Hall.  

As the year has progressed, the Values Awards became hotly contested, as so many students were in the running due to receiving positive recognitions from their teachers. We look forward to recognizing more students next year as they continue to demonstrate our College values and excel in the classroom and in the yard. A special thanks to our Mentor Teachers who have supported students throughout the year, as was evident by the kind words students wrote in their Thank You cards last week.  

This term has been an important one to prepare for our new Year 7 cohort in 2023. The team met with primary schools and families to facilitate a smooth transition to Greenvale Secondary College. A shout out to the students who helped on our Mini-Orientation Day to support students attending on their own – Alissa Sefer, Ava Sartori, Adam Moussa, Jason Hadchity, Summer Brooks, Thomas Devon. You demonstrated excellent leadership skills! 

This week we met the new cohort and their families in our Orientation Day, introducing them to each other and also to their teachers for next year. We also welcomed our new staff for next year on the day so they could get to know the students. Another shout out to the current Year 7 students who volunteered to help on the day and did a great job of working with students, helping them to meet each other and playing with them in the yard during recess and lunch (particularly Efe, Osman and Hunter who played soccer and basketball). Special mention to the many other students who wanted to be there on the day – it is a credit to our school that so many students were willing to give up their time to support our incoming cohort.  

As we prepare for 2023, we have many events to look forward to – camps for both Year 7 and 8, new subjects and enhancements, events to welcome families onsite to spend time with each other and more excursions to foster the development of our students as lifelong learners. Thank you to the community for your support this year as we have worked to create a positive and inclusive climate where students feel safe and supported to discover their strengths and interests, participate in different activities in and out of class, and develop their capacity to take on whatever career pathway they choose.  

From the Subschool Team, have a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in 2023! 


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Term 4 was a quiet term with no interschool sports events. Instead we prepared the students for the striking and fielding sports that will be offered in the year 8 School Sports Victoria Competitions. Students were exposed to a variety of striking and fielding games such as T-Ball, Softball, Kickball and Cricket.

It was great to see so many students participating throughout term 4 in a variety of sports they may not have been exposed to previously. Greenvale Secondary College has some very talented and enthusiastic students when it comes to striking and fielding games and it was great to see students exploring new skills and strategies in Physical Education.

SSV Year 8 Division Softball, Baseball and Cricket will take place on the 28th of February in 2023 and will be the first interschool sporting events taking place next year. If you are interested in participating in these events please email to be shortlisted for those events.


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The House Cup is a perpetual trophy and takes into account every student’s House points plus the points from the Athletics and Swimming Carnival day to crown one House the overall winner.

The House system differs from that of primary schools, with points allocated for more than just sporting events. The criteria is simple; participate. Participate in sport, in academics, in leadership, in activities, in extra-curricula programs, in upholding our values and in general school spirit.

On Awards Night the 2022 House Cup and bragging rights were awarded to Waring on an impressive 6017pts. Final results:




Championship Points

1stBiderap 6017
2ndGarrawang 5970



Our House Champion awards, take into account the whole experience of a Greenvale Secondary College student and there is only one recipient per House. This award connects strongly to our school values of respect, leadership, excellence and teamwork, and showcases how our students uphold these values through their active participation in all our school has to offer.

Congratulations to:


Students Name

House Points

Biderap Eliz Atik317 
Garrawang Arif-Emre Unlu342
Waring Hunter Fucile357
Poorneet Madison Murray522




The SRC decided that ending the year with an all-out House challenge was the way to go. Their decision; Survivor Day!

Students battled it out against the other Houses, and at times even competed against their own teammates. Through Capture the Flag, Run the Gauntlet, Trivia, Escape Room and Challenge Accepted students gained their first points towards the 2023 House Cup and had lots of laughs along the way.

Congratulations goes once again to Waring as our first Survivor Day victors!


Survivor Day Points




I’d like to give a massive shout out to our 2022 House Captains and their enthusiasm and participation in promoting the school values and their House throughout the year.


House Captain

WaringEvelyn Koko and Omar Al Rozzi
GarrawangGeorgia Pollakis and Keola Kang
PoornetMadison Murray and Melisa Yavuzcan
BiderapNarin Karadan and Meena Mandlay


Congratulations to the 2023 successors, we’re looking forward to what you can bring to the role:


House Captain

WaringRose Mlikota and Hunter Fucile
GarrawangGeorgia Pollakis and Keola Kang
PoornetMadison Murray and Jason Hadchity
BiderapSera Kocaturk and Ziyad Karra



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A huge congratulations to all students and families for the effort, support and dedication that you have put into 2022. 

Student Health and Wellbeing is one of the priorities of the school for 2022.  We will continue to develop and enhance this area of the school throughout 2023. 



Thank you  Raise Mentoring for agreeing to partner with GSC this year.   Thank you to the volunteers who gave up their time to support students of Greenvale Secondary College.  We are happy to announce that the school will continue their relationship with Raise next year, offering mentoring to another 15 students of the school. 



Greenvale Secondary College was nominated by Northern Legal Community Service to pilot their new program Where Safety Begins.  Twelve year 7 students were selected by Student Services to take part.  Through art, games and  group hang outs,  students learnt about building resilience, support and connection. 



In term four we said goodbye to Katie Smith.  Thank you Katie for sharing your expertise in this area with the students, staff and families. 

Next year we welcome Julia Bediaga to the team.  Julia will be onsite on Tuesdays. 

The MHP role includes: mental health prevention and promotion,  short term support for students including direct counselling, coordinating supports with other services for students with complex needs. 

Parents and individual students can make referrals to the MHP role for short term counselling. Consent from parent or guardian is required for counselling to take place. 

Please direct referrals to Student Services Manager Tanya Vella.  



If you find yourself needing support over the Summer break please reach out to your personal supports and also to support services 


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Term 4 has been an exciting and busy time for the instrumental music program at Greenvale Secondary College from the hard work in the classroom to the on-stage performances the students have diligently worked to be the best performers they can.

At the start of term 4 students became aware of the schools awards night and were very enthusiastic to be a part of the night including everything from behind the scenes work to performances on-stage students involved themselves to make the night run smoothly and provide entertainment for parents, students, and guests at the event. Benjamin Rose led the way with the song KK Cruising supported by Yara Morsi and Wesley Van Der Molen who played the funky jazz instrumental with Benjamin leading the way soloing on the piano and doing a phenomenal job in leading the band with the assistance of Mr. Hammond. Yara Morsi performed next at awards night singing and playing Just The Two Of Us to the delight of the audience who were singing along and enjoying Yara play the guitar and sing by herself. It takes a lot of skill, effort, and courage to not only perform as a solo artist, but to excel in addition to playing solo demonstrates her maturity in instrumental music beyond her playing years.

It was with immense pleasure that we announced Leyla Saylik as the recipient of the performing arts award at the awards ceremony for her dedication to the performing arts and all the hard work she has put in, she is a real asset to the staff and students always leading the way and always striving to achieve and push her own limits in both learning and leading the students in performances. We are also pleased to announce that for 2023 our music captains will be Leyla Saylik and Madison Murry who are at the core of the music program and who will lead the way for student to teacher and parent to teacher liaising along with organizing performances and helping out where needed throughout the year. This comes after a year of dedication to the program, hard work and willingness to be open to try and extend their learning experience at Greenvale Secondary College, we are incredibly happy and excited to have them on board.

During term 4 the instrumental music program has grown so much, and we wanted to show off the hard work that students have collectively shown so lunchtime performances gave the opportunity to show students and teachers all the hard work going on behind the scenes in lessons. We had performances from Yara Morsi, Madison Murray, Blake Laure, Benjamin Rose, Wesley Van Der Molen, Leyla Saylik, Rose Mlikota, Cem Altun, Carla Rametta and Kaan Bircan who highlighted the talents of the instrumental music program and all the hard work that have been going into lessons throughout the year. We wish to continue the hard work and dedication of all staff and students within the instrumental music program moving into 2023 and are excited for the new opportunities that come from the program. We want to thank parents for their ongoing support of their students in allowing us to teach and allowing students to practice even when the same song is being played on repeat for hours on end, without you we could not do what we do.


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Our Administration Office is open 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday It is always a pleasure to support you and your child at the front reception daily.  We are committed to doing our best and if you ever have any questions or queries, we are here to help.

Mikayla, Connie, and Julian would like to wish our current and future families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The College will be closed from Tuesday 20 December 2022 and will re-open on Wednesday 25 January 2023 for one day and then again on Friday 27 January 2023.





31 JanuaryYear 7 Students – First Day of School
1 FebruaryYear 8 Students – First Day of School
7 FebruarySafer Internet Day
9 FebruaryYear 7 Family BBQ and Music Information Session
16 FebruarySwimming Carnival
22 FebruarySchool Photos
1 – 3 MarchYear 7 Camp
7 MarchYear 8 Man Cave and Big Sister Experience
8 MarchInternational Women’s Day
13 MarchLabour Day (Public Holiday)
14 MarchParent Teacher Student Conferences
15 – 23 MarchNAPLAN
17 MarchNational Day of Action Against Bullying
21 March
Harmony Day
24 March
College Planning Day (Student Free Day)
6 April
Last Day of Term 1



Students who arrive late to school, after 8:50am, must sign in through the Compass Kiosk either using their student card or Compass Login details.

Parents/Guardians can either use the Compass Kiosk to sign their child late or contact the Office on 8393 0000 advising us why their child will be late.



We realise that at times you need to pick up your child early from school. When your child needs to be picked up early from school can you please either contact the Office on 8393 0000 or send your child with a note to bring into Office Administration letting us know, the time you will be picking up your child.

This will ensure the class teacher will be notified your child needs to leave class. When picking up your child before the end of day, please come into the Administration Office and use the Compass Kiosk to sign your child out.



Would you like to volunteer in our Library?

Some of the duties will include:

  • Covering Books
  • Cataloguing Books
  • Loaning & Returning Books
  • Put books back in shelves

We have a range of books still to go out onto the shelves and will be growing our book collection throughout the remainder 2022, but we need your help. For anyone wishing to volunteer please contact the office on 8393 0000



 Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally. Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 or an equivalent qualification have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives. It is important that children develop habits of regular attendance at an early age. 

 We realise some absences are unavoidable due to health problems or other circumstances. But we also know that when students miss too much school— regardless of the reason – it can cause them to fall behind academically.  

 It is important that you contact the school as soon as possible on 8393 0000 or log onto the Compass Portal to inform us of your child’s absence.  

 We also ask parents/guardians/carers to regularly monitor their child’s attendance through the Compass Parent Portal. 



A day here or there doesn’t seem like much but… 



At the beginning of Term 4 all students should start wearing their Summer Full School Uniform. For students who are not in Full School Uniform, they are required to bring a note from a parent explaining why your child cannot wear their full school uniform – this way we can issue a uniform pass for the day.



Students at times loose their clothing and personal items. We have a lost property cupboard.  If your child has lost clothing or school items, please come and check at the Administration Office.

It is important to put name tags on your child’s clothing/stationary to ensure any lost items can be returned to the owner.



Uniform items can be purchased from Noone Imagewear.

New Craigieburn Store Open. Shop A2-E,  420-440 Craigieburn Rd, Craigieburn.  Shopping Precinct – Craigieburn Junction. Cnr Craigieburn Rd and Aitken Boulevard. Store is located next to Carpet Call.

Online orders call also be placed directly at












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