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Welcome to the May edition of our Connect Newsletter for 2024.

With Term 2 not past its halfway point the College is incredibly busy with a number of milestone events and days occurring. It has been pleasing to see students modelling our Value of Leadership which is a focus for Term 2. Students have been:

  • learning to hold themselves and others accountable by organising themselves to complete tasks and meet deadlines.
  • learning to be open to new and different ways of learning by challenging themselves and persisting with learning.
  • learning to treat everyone fairly by behaving in ways that doesn’t disrupt the learning of others.



The College and our Community observed ANZAC Day earlier this term. The College continued our tradition of focusing assemblies in this week on reflecting and remembering those who have or are currently serving in our armed forces.

This year, we also had two of our students Seham Eyada and Sofia Zovko representing the College on ANZAC Day at Craigieburn ANZAC Park



Greenvale Secondary College together with the Department of Education acknowledged IDAHOBIT Day on Friday 17 May.

IDAHOBIT day is the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism, Transphobia discrimination. 17th May 2024 marks the anniversary of the day in 1990 when the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the Classification of disease and related health problems.

We acknowledge and celebrate this day to raise awareness of the discrimination that LGBTIQ+ people still face.



This year, Education Week runs from Monday 13 to Friday 17 May. This year’s theme, Spotlight on STEM, highlights the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in our everyday lives, in the classroom and beyond.

Throughout Education Week, students, parents/carers, teachers, and school communities are encouraged to celebrate and share ideas to learn more about the endless possibilities of STEM.



Below are copies of the newly created College History and College Strategic Plan visual documents. These were developed by current staff and selected students as a creative way to share our history and what the future of our College will be like!

Please take the time to look at these and become more familiar with the work our College has achieved and will be working towards.

It is almost unbelievable that we are halfway through term two already! The weeks have flown by. Perhaps it only feels like time is speeding by because we have so much going on this term at Greenvale Secondary College.

Firstly, the Annual Attitudes to School Survey has been sent out for your child to complete. We look forward to reading the results!


School Council recently approved changes to our College calendar which sees Monday 19 August now as a Student Free Day.

This day has been approved by School Council and will be used for all staff to complete Protective Intervention Training and the preparation works for School Wide Positive Behaviour Support.



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Term 2 is very busy with most of our sport teams out competing, after training Wednesdays before school, in Enhancement for a number of weeks. We thank them for their participation, enthusiasm and representation of the school in such a positive way.

We have the annual Attitudes to School Survey that Victorian Government school students complete each year to inform future work we do in the school. We value their honesty and look forward to receiving the results.

Students are currently completing Milestone Tasks to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the first part of their learning and show teachers gaps that need to be addressed before the CAT (Common Assessment Task).

SWPBS (School Wide Positive Behaviour Support) is a Department of Education program to creative positive, predictable, and safe learning environments to benefit the learning of all. Our primary focus now is working on reducing Level 1 behaviours so that we see an improvement in following instruction, productive learning, being on time to class and ready to learn, and giving respect to all. The strategies we are using are:

  • Teaching and re-teaching positive behaviours 
  • Concentrating on helping students to be ready to learn at the start of the lesson
  • Consistently and frequently rewarding students who do the right thing with positive recognition (verbal, gesture or compass post)

During April we had 142 Positive Recognitions and May we have had 187. At the same time we have seen reports of level 1 behaviours decreasing each month this year.

Please follow the link below to learn more about the program and how you can support this at home.


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By now, all students will have completed Milestone tasks in each of their classes. Teachers will be setting aside time in their lessons to give feedback for students to take on before embarking on their Common Assessment Tasks in week 8 of this term.


Feedback is a powerful tool for growth and improvement. Whether it comes from teachers, peers, or self-reflection, feedback provides invaluable insights into our strengths and areas for development.

Incorporating feedback effectively requires an open mindset and a willingness to learn from both successes and setbacks. When receiving feedback, consider it not as criticism but as an opportunity for refinement. Actively listen, reflect, and identify actionable steps to implement the feedback constructively. By doing so, we not only enhance our academic performance but also foster a culture of continuous improvement within our school community. Students who have not shown growth or who have not completed tasks will be asked to meet with their teachers in their own time, complete extra learning tasks in school and for homework. 

You can support your students at home by asking about tasks, setting aside time and space for students to complete homework and encourage your student to seek help from the staff here at Greenvale if they are stuck or unsure of a task.

With Unit 2 assessments approaching, preparation is key to achieving academic goals. Start by being familiar with assessment formats, content, and expectations outlined by the teachers, always refer back to the Rubrics you were given at the start of the topic. This might be as a paper copy, on your class Teams channel or on Compass.


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They say time flies when you’re having fun, we must be having a lot of fun in the Junior School as it seems the year is flying by. We are on the downhill slope towards the end of the term and there’s still a lot to get done in that time.

A highlight this term was the Athletics Carnival that occurred in week 2. It was really pleasing to see many Year 7 and 8 students competing for their house and cheering on other students competing. Photos of the day are included in this report.

Prior to ANZAC Day the College participated in a whole school assembly, the assembly recognised the importance of ANZAC Day but also celebrated achievements of school occurrences and a fantastic solo violin performance by Alya Esen in Year 8. Photos of the assembly are included in this report.

Students have been working well in class and are preparing for CATs these will appear on their mid-year report which will be out at the end of the term.



It is very nice to be able to go out and experience excursions visiting other venues is a great way to boost the teaching and learning that happens here at Greenvale Secondary College. It is also a great way to extend or enhance the programs that are occurring at the school. A recent excursion was a QV Escape Room which gave students in year 7 and 8 the opportunity to apply logic problem solving to get through the escape room challenges.

This term in the Junior School we have had a big push on displaying the school values and receiving a positive recognition. Each week there has been a challenge to see which mentor group has the highest number of Positive Recognitions and which student has the most. It’s really pleasing to see the students have responded well to this and the numbers of Positive Recognitions be high.












1Zayed El AkoumiKhadijah Mian
2Alexander NgCeren Aslipek, Christopher Phillips, Jett Attardo, Shaman Silva, Taylan Buyukbilgin, Vian Alex
3Alexander Ng, Cole Taylor, Hannah SoubjakiJordan Stenhouse
4Furkan CetinkayaSarah Dolmay, Jordan Stenhouse, Jacob Mohamad, Anita Uialatea
5Ali El-Tahach, Victoria Kantzidis, Hayley Wilson, Azra Alkan, Ava Gale, Ivy Bekard, Ilaria Galanti, Aylin Karaata, Joshua TralongoLuca Joury

We’re looking forward to a successful June in the Junior School.


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Our instrumental music program started with performances very early this term. We had students perform at our 2025 Year 7 information night which took place in the first week of Term 2. The students who gave up their evening to perform were: Leyla Cayir (on guitar), Azelya Cayir (on bass guitar), Khadijah Mian and Defne Ozelik (who sang as a duo) and Wesley Van Der Molen (on guitar). It was great to hear the performers showcase some of the many talents that we have at Greenvale Secondary College.


During the second week of Term 2 we were fortunate enough to have Alya Esen perform on the violin at our whole school assembly commemorating ANZAC day. This takes a lot of courage to do and we commend Alya on her performances and the confidence that she showed.


During Term 1 our school ensemble resumed regular practice sessions (which are held after school each Wednesday). The ensemble has now grown in size as many students have chosen to explore ensemble as part of their enhancement class. It’s been great seeing more students engage in learning a musical instrument and learning how to play in time with others. The ensemble has been working on some challenging pieces including We Don’t Talk About Bruno. We would still love for our school ensemble to grow and we welcome more students to enquire about learning an instrument and joining ensemble.


Instrumental music students have been very busy this term as they work towards music performances and assessments. We are very excited to be holding our first concerts which will take place in the library during recess and lunch on 27 May. These performances will involve many of the students who have signed up for instrumental lessons along with our school ensemble. This year we also have an additional ensemble that was formed during Term 2 which consists of Defne Ozcelik and Khadijah Mian on lead vocals, Blake Laurie on electric piano, Alyshia Laurie on drums, Wesley Van Der Molen on guitar, Azelya Cayir on bass guitar and Deniz Bagriyanik on alto saxophone. This ensemble has been rehearsing during a few of their lunch breaks and are sounding fantastic. We cannot wait to hear them perform Kyoto by Phoebe Bridges.


Greenvale Secondary College is very fortunate to be able to offer a wide range of instrumental lessons. It is not too late to sign up to learn any of the instruments on offer. We offer the following instruments to learn; Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium Violin, Viola and Cello. These instruments are also available to hire through the school.


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The Greenvale Secondary College community recently celebrated an exhilarating Athletics Carnival, with Biderap House emerging as the proud victors. The event, held on a sun-drenched day, saw students from all houses competing with immense enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The house champions were as follows:

Year 7 – Cole Taylor & Matisse Merrett

Year 8 – Alaa El Moustafa & Laibah Khan

Year 9 – Aleksandar Jevtic & Evelyn Koko

The excitement of the Athletics Carnival seamlessly transitioned into the Interschool sports season, where Greenvale’s teams showcased their talents across various disciplines. The netball teams demonstrated exceptional skill and coordination, making the school proud with their strategic play and resilience.

In the cross-country events, our athletes endured the grueling course at Woodlands Historic Park, showing remarkable endurance and perseverance. Their dedication to training and teamwork was evident as they pushed through tough competition to secure commendable positions. Notably was Noah Tarallo who placed first and set the track record for under 15 boys.

Our boys’ AFL and soccer teams have also been making headlines. The AFL team, known for their agility and tactical prowess, delivered thrilling matches that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. Their commitment to the game and each other was inspirational, reflecting the true spirit of Greenvale sportsmanship.

The boys’ soccer team, equally impressive, displayed remarkable skill and teamwork, securing notable victories that have cemented their reputation in the interschool league. Their cohesion on the field and ability to execute complex plays have been a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Greenvale Secondary College’s sports programs continue to foster a sense of community, resilience, and excellence. The school is immensely proud of all its athletes and looks forward to more triumphs in the future. Congratulations to all the participants and a special shout-out to Biderap House for their remarkable win at the Athletics Carnival. Go Greenvale!


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Greenvale Secondary College are pleased to provide students and families with holistic therapeutic support.

Student Services provides numerous supports to students and families including:

-Short Term Counselling

-Short to Medium term Case Management

-Mental Health Support

-Youth Work support

-Behaviorist support

-Referrals to external services

-Referrals for educational and medical assessments

-Observations and screenings of learning difficulties

-Financial support for school needs


Student Services team consists of:


Tanya Vella-Student Services Manager



Stephanie Surbevski- Youth Worker

Andrea Black- Mental Health Practitioner and Behaviorist   Tues- Thursday

Gianni Vecchio – Youth Worker   Tues and Thurs



Luisa De Amics- Team Leader

Jawaria Sumreen- Inclusion Support

Caisha Rodden- Inclusion Support

Nuni Berger – Inclusion Support

Shaquel Sabatino- Inclusion Support

Chantelle Raffaele – Inclusion Support

Referrals to Student Services can be made to the team directly by students, teachers, families and external specialist.



In the coming months Greenvale Secondary College will be employing a Careers Specialist.  The role will support students from years 7 to year 10 in relation to exploring career options, work experience and subject selection.



The social media work and technology world that we currently live in, is like no other. We have instant access to information, people, purchasing online, strangers, films and music. There are a lot of positives of the world of technology

Social Media platforms- did you know that the recommended age for the majority of the social media platforms is 13+. How old is your child/ ren?  As a parent/ caregiver how are you monitoring your child’s use?  Who can see your child’s details?  Who is your child communicating with?  Are you aware that many of the games online have a chat component?

Catfishing- Catfishing is when someone sets up a fake online identity and uses it to trick and control others. Often they do it to scam people out of money, blackmail them or harm them in some other way. Many people online are not who they say that they are. What measures do you take to confirm that people are who they say they are?

Catfishing | What is catfishing and how to spot one | eSafety Commissioner

Sextortion– Sexual extortion or ‘sextortion’ is a form of blackmail where someone threatens to share a nude or sexual image or video of you unless you give in to their demands. If this happens to you, you’re not alone – there’s help available.

Dealing with sexual extortion | eSafety Commissioner

Cyberflashing– Unwanted contact is any type of online communication that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or harassed. It can be with a stranger or someone you know. Unwanted contact can include:

  • being asked inappropriate or personal questions
  • being sent upsetting or offensive content
  • being asked to send intimate images or do things online that make you feel uncomfortable
  • being repeatedly contacted by someone even though you have asked them to stop.

Unwanted or unsafe contact | eSafety Commissioner

Federal Police via Think U Know will attend the school in the next term to provide information to families about safety online



For more information and to register, go to:


The safety and wellbeing of all students is paramount within Greenvale Secondary College and the Department of Education. Every teacher and allied health member are mandated to report concerns in relation to child abuse whether this is historical or current to the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing- Child Protection and/ or the Victoria Police. Following on from this, all staff members have a duty of care to all students to ensure that each and every student is safe within their home, the community and school.

Every staff member of the school has undertaken relevant training in relation to mandatory reporting to support students whom may be in this position.


1000 Generations Strength and Shine

Greenvale Secondary College welcomes 1000 Generations to the school Throughout term 2 and term 3, 20 year 8 students and 20 year 9 students will participate in the 9 week program.  Students will be supported to further develop their knowledge and understanding of their worth, strength and purpose.

Love Bites

In line with the DET curriculum and the requirements for education in relation to Respectful Relationships year 9 students are participating in the Love Bites Program.  Love Bites provides students with an opportunity to learn and further explore healthy and unhealthy relationships, media portrayal of gender roles, jealousy and writing your own rules for your relationships.



Hume Whittlesea LLEN VET Discovery Expo -May 30th  (Year 9)

Hume Whittlesea LLEN VET Discovery Expo for secondary school students to engage with local vocational training providers, industry groups and businesses to gain first-hand exposure to a variety of career pathway options through engaging and practical activities.  Representatives from a range of industries and training institutions will be invited to host a stall and provide interactive demonstrations highlighting opportunities for skill development and employment opportunities in priority industry areas.   Students will explore  various stalls, engage in practical activities, and gain insights into the options available to them as they start to consider their subject choices in their senior years of secondary education. Activities will align with the priority VET options as identified by the Victorian Government.


G5 Thrive Day 20th June- Whole School

On the 20th June we continue to enhance and provide further education and support to students in relation to personal growth and G5 skills.

Year 7-  Full day facilitated program by Big Sister Experience and Mancave

Year 8 and year 9- Subject Expo


Dental Van Visit- 29th July- Whole School

Smile Patrol Dental Van will be visiting the school the week of the 29th July. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of making dental appointments, taking time off work, and disrupting your schedule just to ensure your child receives dental care. Smile Patrol is coming to Greenvale Secondary College so your child will benefit from dental care during school hours. So easy!


Smile Patrol provides free dental health education to all students. If your child is eligible under the Childcare Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)  treatments can be done for free depending on the remaining benefits. If your child is not eligible the service will send you an email with an option for a private checkup.

To sign up you can visit :  or attend the school and a member of the front office can provide you with a consent form.

Forms are due back to the office by 24th June.


Semester 1 Gold Award Activity

Greenvale Secondary College prides themselves on the 4 school values of RESPECT, TEAMWORK, EXCELLENCE and LEADERSHIP.  School staff acknowledge students effort in these areas by awarding positive points via the school’s COMPASS communication program.

At the end of each semester the top 5 students in each year level is awarded with the opportunity to attend an extraordinary activity.  For semester 2 the top 5 students in each year level will be announced early June with the activity occurring mid June.

Keep up the great work everyone.



State School Relief

The current financial climate, the cost of living, and the cost of education can all cause undue additional stress.  State School Relief is a not-for-profit organization providing support for the educational needs of students.  If you require financial support for uniform, school shoes, stationery, textbooks or public transport tickets please speak to a member of the front office or the Student Services team.

State Schools’ Relief (

Food Bank and Eat Up

Greenvale Secondary College is supported by the Food Bank and Eat Up Breakfast and lunch program.  These programs provide the school with food items for the students to access breakfast and lunch when needed.

Breakfast club runs on a Tuesday and Thursday morning in the learning neighborhood.

Lunch can be accessed each day through the front desk.

Fresh fruit is always available to students via the front desk.


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We are pleased to announce that a selection of CBCA’s 2024 shortlisted and notable books are now available for borrowing at the GSC Library. We invite students to explore these acclaimed titles, each offering enriching narratives and diverse perspectives. Here are just a few from our collection. Happy reading!


From the CBCA-shortlisted author of Huda and Me, this is the second in the series:

 “Huda hatches a bold plan to help her dad get a job – which lands her and her brother in all kinds of trouble. A delightful and hilarious story from a CBCA award-winning author, about a lion-hearted girl who just wants the best for her family. A thoroughly entertaining story full of hijinks, courage and hilarity.”

Listen to author H. Hayek to learn tips and tricks for sharing your story. This talk is especially aimed at aspiring writers



A cleverly crafted, powerful and engaging read, this book expertly juxtaposes the protagonist Jimmy’s perception of life with the understanding offered by its adult characters. The plot provides Jimmy and the reader with the opportunity to learn and grow. His strength of character, vulnerability, love and determination empower him and simultaneously enable the reader to find joy and hope even in the darkest of experiences.

This text delicately integrates and balances humour in a way that engages the reader without compromising its authenticity. An arresting read that sensitively addresses challenging themes, including, domestic violence, mental health, life on the run and death, in a hope filled way.

Author, Fiona Lloyd  had a talk with Not Quite Write podcast, listen here:


Is an inspirational, illustrated compendium that celebrates the diversity and success of First Nations People.

Written by Corey Tutt, author of The First Scientists, this book features the profiles of more than 70 Blakfellas who are doing deadly things across sport, art, activism and science, through to politics, education and literature. It showcases the careers and Corey’s personal stories of First Nations People who have done great things in their respective fields, including Professor Marcia Langton, Miranda Tapsell, Tony Armstrong, Dr Anita Heiss, Danzal Baker (Baker Boy), Adam Goodes and Blak Douglas.

Listen to illustrator Molly Hunt who introduces the book and talks about the author. Molly Hunt is Balanggarra and Yolngu, is an artist, animator and writer with a passion for storytelling with her multi-disciplined, trademark bold and graphic style.




Depending on how confident a student is about their reading identity, choosing books can either be enjoyable or frustrating. Students need different strategies to select books. They need the time and space to practice.

Students who know what they like to read

For students who know their reading preferences, browsing strategies may include looking for:

  • favourite authors
  • authors they’ve heard of and are interested in reading
  • titles recommended by family, friends and reviews
  • favourite genre sections (if books are arranged this way)
  • recently returned books
  • new book displays
  • books that are shortlisted for book awards e.g. CBCA 2024 Shortlisted Books

Younger readers

For younger readers, selection strategies may include:

  • Goldilocks strategy — is this book too easy, too hard or just right?
  • I PICK mnemonic for ‘good fit’ books — I choose a book:
    • that meets my Purpose
    • that matches my Interest
    • that I can Comprehend
    • where I Know enough words.

Other general strategies

  • Look at the title and the cover — does it appeal?
  • Read the blurb — does it interest you?
  • Read the first page or two.
  • Read information about the author on the jacket.
  • Look at the print size or layout for ease of reading.
  • Listen to friends’, teachers’, parents’ and library staff’s suggestions.
  • Look for popular authors and series.
  • Check displays.

It’s also important to remind students to experiment. Share your own stories of trying something new. Some important messages include:

  • Give a book a fair chance — read several pages or chapters before giving up on it.
  • Try different genres and forms.



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Elizabeth Cullen – Business Manager 

Liz is responsible for all HR, finance, facilities and operations matters at the College. Please be in touch if you need to discuss how the College can best support you and your students.

Connie Midiri – Daily Organiser 

Connie is responsible for daily organization and the school’s schedule. Connie also coordinates student first aid and medical information.

Jarryd Wright – Administration Officer

Jarryd is the first point of contact at Reception and can help you with any enquiry.

Annie Remeysen – Administration Officer 

Annie is a member of our Student Engagement Team and is responsible for monitoring student attendance. Annie is a well known face in the Greenvale basketball community and can also assist with CSEF or financial hardship applications.

Nazira Kirim-Esen – Enrolments Officer 

Naz is responsible for all new student enquiries to the College. Naz can guide families through all enrolment processes and is able to assist in the Turkish language as required.

Susi Dombrzalski – HR Manager/Executive Assistant 

Susi is Executive Assistant to the Principal and can assist with meeting and scheduling requests. In addition, Susi looks after all staff HR matters. She is also a member of the Greenvale Secondary College parent community.

Shweta Bhatti – Finance and Office Manager 

Shweta is responsible for all accounts payable and receivable matters. You can get in touch if you have enquiries about billing and payments.

Our Administration Team are always happy to assist and support all students and families at the front reception daily. Our Administration Office is open 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday. We are committed to doing our best and if you ever have any questions or queries, we are here to help.


Schools provide students with free instruction to fulfil the standard Victorian curriculum and we want to assure you that all contributions are voluntary. Nevertheless, the ongoing support of our families ensures that our school can offer the best possible education and support for our students. We want to thank you in advance for all your support, whatever it may be, during your time at Greenvale Secondary College. It will make a huge difference to our school and the programs we can offer. 

If you are not able to contribute per the amounts listed in the parent payment arrangements policy, you are encouraged to make any dollar contribution that you are able to. Any amount helps contribute to the resources and educational opportunities the College is able to provide to all students. 

All payments can be made through Compass Pay or at Reception.  

You can find more information about the College’s 2024 parent payment arrangements here: 2024-GSC-Parent-Payment-Arrangements-FINAL.pdf ( 

Please note that deadlines for payment and consent for activities, camps and excursions is strict. No exceptions will be made. This is to allow the College adequate planning time before an event to know firm numbers of students who will be participating. This cut off is usually 2 days prior to the event.  


Students who arrive late to school, after 8:50am, must sign in through the Compass Kiosk either using their student card or Compass Login details.  

Parents/Guardians can either use the Compass Kiosk to sign their child in late or contact the Office on 8393 0000 advising us why their child will be late.  


We realise that at times you need to pick up your child early from school. When your child needs to be picked up early from school, please either contact the Office on 8393 0000 or send your child with a note to bring into Office Administration letting us know the time you will be picking up your child. This will ensure the class teacher will be notified your child needs to leave class.   

When picking up your child early, you are required to come into the Administration Office and sign your child out through the Compass Kiosk. 

We request you pick your child up at the change over time between periods and do not pick your child up early after 2:45pm to minimise disruption to classes. 


Students who are not in Full School Uniform, we ask that a note is brought to the Administration Office explaining why your child cannot wear their full school uniform, so a uniform pass can be issued for the day.   



The College has laptops available for loan should your student forget theirs or if they need a replacement for a short period of time. These must be loaned out from the IT Office each day and returned at the end of the day.   


Families requiring assistance with their Compass login contact the Administration Office on 8393 000 and we can assist you with your login details and password. 


If you’d like to volunteer at the College, please complete this form. The College needs helpers for excursions, camps, sporting events, in the Library and general working bees!    


The College collects lost property that is handed in and this is stored at Reception. All unclaimed items will be disposed of at the end of each term. 

We strongly recommend that all items are labelled and named so they can be easily identified and returned to you.  

The team at Reception can also organise replacement Student Planners, student locks and/or ID cards for purchase if needed. 


Unfortunately, we know that students sometimes fall ill or hurt themselves while at school – accidents happen! The College has first aid trained staff and a well-equipped first aid room.   

The Office will notify parents or emergency contacts if there is a serious injury. You may be asked to collect your student if we cannot care for them at school. The Office may also contact you to seek your advice about how you’d like us to manage your child.  

Please remember to update the College with any important medical information so we can be aware and support. Any medication provided to the College must come with a doctor’s certificate about its use and a completed medication authority form.  

Please discourage your child from contacting you via mobile phone – if they are unwell, they can come to the Office at any time and we will contact you as needed.   


Families can order their child’s lunch through Compass each day, before 9:30am.  Students are to go to the canteen to collect their orders at the start of Break 1 or Break 2.  

If you miss the cut off for lunch orders, you are welcome to bring lunch or money to the Administration Office so your student doesn’t miss out. Please note, there are no IOUs available through the Canteen. 





30 MayVET Showcase
10 JuneKing’s Birthday
20 JuneG5 Thrive Day
21 JuneSubject Expo
26 JuneIlluminate Showcase
28 JuneDigital Learning Day/Last Day of Term



Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally. Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 or an equivalent qualification have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives. It is important that children develop habits of regular attendance at an early age. 

We realise some absences are unavoidable due to health problems or other circumstances. But we also know that when students miss too much school – regardless of the reason – it can cause them to fall behind academically.  

It is important that you contact the school as soon as possible on 8393 0000 or log onto the Compass Portal to inform us of your child’s absence.  

We also ask parents/guardians/carers to regularly monitor their child’s attendance through the Compass Parent Portal. 


A day here or there doesn’t seem like much but… 



 We have partnered with Sustainable School Shop to provide families access to second-hand textbooks, uniforms, calculators, musical instruments, sports gear and much more!

Sustainable School Shop have preloaded items specific to our school onto their site. This makes it super easy to list your items for sale and to buy items.

See all the second-hand uniform items for sale here:

See all the second-hand textbooks for sale here:

So jump onto the site, register and list your items for sale, you will be:

  • reusing items rather than adding to landfill
  • making money on items you sell
  • saving money on items you buy
  • providing another family in our school with cheaper items
  • helping to create a culture of contact amongst our school community families!

Login or Register here:



Uniform items can be purchased from Noone Imagewear.

New Craigieburn Store Open. Shop A2-E,  420-440 Craigieburn Rd, Craigieburn.  Shopping Precinct – Craigieburn Junction. Cnr Craigieburn Rd and Aitken Boulevard. Store is located next to Carpet Call.

Online orders can also be placed directly at











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