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Welcome to the Second Edition of our Connect Newsletter for 2024. 

It has been a very busy and positive second half of Term 1. After a huge start to the year, and after a few weeks of students finding their feet, everyone has settled well into a normal school rhythm. It has been pleasing to see students working hard to establish strong routines and habits for learning as they have become more comfortable in Secondary College. 

Our focus value for this Term continues to be Excellence. This value was certainly on display when our Year 9 cohort held their, and the College’s, first ever Personal Best Showcase. Well done to all students and staff involved. Thank you to the families and mentors who were able to attend. 


Recently we had the pleasure of shortlisting several students who applied for roles within our Student Representative Council for 2024. These shortlisted students were then given the opportunity to either deliver a presentation to their group or to have an interview before a panel. All of our applicants impressed us with their commitment to the College as well as their maturity and professionalism.

As a result of this lengthy process the students who will work alongside our College Leadership Team to ensure another outstanding year were successfully selected. I am very pleased to announce the following students and their roles in student leadership for 2024. At the next assembly these students will be presented with their SRC Pins. 

Year 7 Captains Year 8 Captains Year 9 Captains 
Kendall Guccione 

Ivy Bekard 

Emmie Chaiha 

Mustafa El Akoumi 

Sofia Zovko 

Cem Altun 

Year 7 Representatives Year 8 Representatives Year 9 Representatives 
Kendall Guccione

Zayed El Akoumi 

Sebastian Butera 

Ivy Bekard 

Chantelle Barkho 

Ibrahim Doganay 

Mustafa El Akoumi 

Emmie Chaiha 

Saara Shetye 

Ecrin Akyuz 

Taylan Buyukbilgin 

Sofia Zovko 

Cem Altun 

Georgia Pollakis 

Emna Kanj 

Seham Eyada 


Program Captains
Christopher Pillips

Sarah Dolmay

Music RepresentativesPoornet Representatives
Leyla Saylik 

Ibrahim Dalkilic 

Adinan Jevtic 

Hannah Soubjaki 

Theatre Arts Representatives  Biderap Representatives 
Daniel Parisi 

Vanessa Palmieri 

Yari Kongrung 

Christopher Phillips 

Visual Arts Representatives Waring Representatives 
Jordan Stenhouse 

Isabella Quagliarella 

Zayd Christodoulo 

Rebecca Briers 

Sport Representatives Garrawang Representatives 
Oliver Tuohey 

Vian Alex 

Keola Kang 

Sarah Dolmay 



Dates for both our 2025 Family Information Sessions and College Tours have now been announced.  As the enrolment demand on our College continues to increase we look forward to meeting future families and showing them just how great our school is. 

Bookings for both the Information Sessions and College Tours are available by visiting our website:  


School Council held its most recent meeting this past Tuesday, March 19th, where our Annual 2023 Report was presented. Furthermore, we welcomed our new members to School Council. 

As parents already know, we received more parent nominations than places available on school council. Having such a high number of parents wanting to support and contribute to the development of our College is such a positive problem to have. 

On behalf of our College Community, I would like to sincerely thank past Council members Nermin Altun, Yassine Assi, Rebecca Cooper and Olivia Fucile. Thank you for contributing to our school community, providing us with the right amount of support and encouragement, and the appropriate amount of challenge when required. 


Our new school council is as follows: 

Andra Guccione President / Parent Member 
Funda Aksan Vice President / Parent Member 
Jesto J Jose Parent Member 
Ella Butera Parent Member 
Jenan El Akoumi Parent Member 
Katharina Attana Community Member 
Danielle Cerra Community Member 
Carolyn Potter Community Member 
Sofia Zovko Student Member 
Emmi ChaihaStudent Member 
Mark Natoli DET Member / Executive Officer 
Melinda Gall DET Member / Treasurer 
Liz Cullen DET Member 



There have been several opportunities this term for students to display their leadership skills. Typically students in years 11 or 12 would lead school focus days. But with GSC being a new school our year 8s and 9s had to rise to the challenge during International Women’s Day and Harmony Day. And rise they did! 

International Women’s Day provided an important opportunity for our community to educate and inspire students about gender equality. The 2024 theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ focused on the importance of understanding, valuing and seeking out the inclusion of women and girls. Additionally, sharing this knowledge, support and encouragement with others is key. At GSC we work to ensure the needs, interests and aspirations of women and girls are always valued. International Women’s Day was also a wonderful opportunity to be able to recognise those women in our community who have achieved great things, including both our staff and students. 

Similarly, Harmony Day provided GSC with a chance to connect as a school community while celebrating our differences. It was pleasing to see so many students wearing orange or clothing representing their heritage/culture. Harmony Day promoted inclusivity, respect, and a sense of belonging through celebrating our diversity.




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Classroom Learning at GSC In Term 1

2024 has so far been abundant with learning opportunities for our students, both new and returning. 

As we approach the end of Term 1, Year 7s have settled into the secondary school routines of moving from class to class on time, getting prepared at their lockers for double lessons, taking responsibility for wearing their uniform correctly and bringing their Ready to Learn equipment to school. All of these aspects of day-to-day school life assist students in being able to engage in the learning opportunities presented in each and every lesson, and we encourage families to converse with their children at home about the importance of being ready to make the most of learning every day. 

Year 8s and 9s have continued to build on the habits established in previous years, and have moved into new and exciting aspects of their secondary years that include new electives and the Connect program. Discussions have  already begun about what academic choices the coming years will hold. 

Assessments and Testing 

Term 1 has been relatively demanding of students in the area of assessment with both PAT and NAPLAN being undertaken. Although this has been hard work for students to start the year with, it means that we will have valuable learning data to assist teachers in individualising work to students point-of-need and to allow us to measure student growth and achievement.  

Individual NAPLAN results will be available for families in the second half of the year, with national results to be published in Term 3.  

In addition to these broad tests around literacy and numeracy, students have also commenced the first assessment week of 2024. Common Assessment Tasks are being undertaken across subjects, where students complete work to show their learning growth throughout Unit 1. Early in Term 2, parents can expect feedback that measures student growth against their Pre and Milestone Assessment tasks, as well as individual comments that direct students to their strengths and areas for improvement in the unit’s learning.  

What parents can do to support your child’s learning 

  • Support being Ready to Learn for the day and week by encouraging organisation of bags and books, charging of laptops and dressing in the correct uniform at home. 
  • Engage in school resources such as Compass Lesson Plans and News so that you are aware of and can discuss with your child what’s happening at school. 
  • Encourage discussion of various assessments and other learning tasks at home to build student confidence in approaching a range of high and low stakes tasks. 


In the last weeks of term, we have looked forward to extra curricular activities such as Harmony Day and our Thrive Days which teach and celebrate inclusion and emotional intelligence. 

Harmony Day – 21st March celebrates the country’s cultural diversity. It coincides with the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.  Students have been invited to attend school in their traditional cultural dress. This could be cultural costumes or colours symbolizing their culture background. Further, in Term 3, there will be several opportunities for students to celebrate and enhance their knowledge of different cultures. 

Attendance at school and in every class is crucial for maximising learning. It is not okay to be away unless there is an illness that prevents attendance. Missing even one day a fortnight means that a student misses 25 hours a term, which is 100 hours a year of valuable teaching and learning. This disadvantages the student now, but also means that if this habit continues into VCE the student will not be eligible to pass. We are committed to working with our students and families to improve attendance levels, which in turn will improve learning outcomes for those students. Students with less than 80% attendance will be asked to attend a meeting with parents to implement an Attendance Support Plan and may also be required to attend Redemption Days at the end of Term.   

Equally of concern is the number of students getting to class late. There are several consequences of lateness. Firstly, and most importantly, it means the student misses the explicit instruction component of the lesson and so often will feel a little lost when they enter the class. It also means that the class and teacher are disrupted and arriving late establishes poor habits that disadvantage learning opportunities. A regular pattern of lateness will result in the YLL team issuing a Redemption/Detention.    

Redemption Day is Thursday March 28. Any student who has not completed their CAT will be required to attend school on this day to complete the assessment. All other students will be doing a Remote Learning Day, while staff plan and write Year 10 curriculum.  

Finally, thank you to parents and carers for the unwavering support of your child through Term 1. We know when families and schools work together, that the educational outcome for students is better. We wish you all a restful break and look forward to continuing working with you in Term 2.


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Congratulations to our year 7 and 9 students for the completion of their NAPLAN tests. Students did their best to complete the tasks in Literacy and Numeracy areas. All students were also incredibly patient with issues around IT, particularly on the first day of testing. 

Parents can support students by making sure that devices are charged each night in preparation for the next day of learning. The school holidays are also a good time to check that students have a pencil case with the necessary equipment to be successful, for example: pens and pencils, scissors and glue, calculator and coloured pencils or highlighters. 

Groups of students have spent the term participating in Enhancements with a focus on their interests. Students have participated in a range of activities from sport training, maths enrichment, STEM activities and crocheting! If students were not in an Enhancement this term then they will be in one next term, check Compass for details. 



Lastly, students are completing their Common Assessment Tasks for Unit 1 in all subjects. Any students that are absent during the subject assessment time will need to complete the task in conversation with their teacher, or they will be asked to do the assessment during the Digital Learning Day on Thursday 28th March. 


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The year is moving along quickly and we are almost at the end of term 1 already.  

Life in the Junior School is progressing along nicely, the year 7 students have fallen into the day-to-day routine of life at a Secondary School. We’re approaching assessment time although as this is written the students have been undertaking NAPLAN. 

Our year 7 camp was a great success. On the 28th of February 67 year seven students and 8 staff members departed Greenvale Secondary College for Kangaroobie Campsite down on the Great Ocean Road. The students got away from the heat of Melbourne and enjoyed cooler conditions thanks to the water being so close. There were many new and unique activities the students could take part in. Getting out on the river in the canoe was fun although some groups struggled to navigate their vessel. Being a working farm, students were able to see what life on a cattle farm was really like. One group of lucky students were even able to witness and assist in the birth of a calf. There were many highlights, but we asked some students what they thought was the best moment of camp and here are their responses:

  • “My camp highlight was the game of life and death.” 
  • “My favourite activity was the farm animals as I got to go in the back of a trailer and explore the farm while feeding the animals.”  
  • “I would rate it five stars as nothing went wrong and it was pure fun.” 

The campers returned on Friday March 1, ready for a sleep but full of smiles and fun stories. 

After the fun of camp, the next milestone for the year 7 students was completing their NAPLAN. The students handled their third round of NAPLAN testing well. The results of this assessment will be released later in the year.  

The year 8 students have continued to move along nicely, a reminder that their camp adventure days are coming up in term 2 and 3. If your child wishes to attend, please sign up through Compass.  

With the autumn holidays approaching soon we hope the students have a restful break.  



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Congratulations to the Year 9 students on a successful first ever Personal Best Showcase! It was amazing to welcome almost 50 guests to celebrate the achievements of our students on the day. It was also inspiring to see our young people challenging themselves to achieve their personal best. Each class had such a variety of projects to suit the passions and interest areas of individuals, learning from each other and developing their ability to present confidently to an audience. Well done to the students who made the time to cook delicious treats for our guests to enjoy! A more detailed report produced by students will be created and sent out early next term for everyone to see.

Although the end of term is almost here, Year 9 students are working hard to complete and submit all of their CATs for their subjects. It is important for students to remain focused and to use their time effectively to demonstrate learning growth and to set themselves up for an even bigger term next term.

It will be great for students to get involved in the first G5 Thrive Day this coming Wednesday, directed at developing their resilience in learning and personal life as they navigate new and challenging situations, including the workplace!

Term 2 sees the involvement of Illuminate Education to work with students as they extend their contribution to the community. They will also learn more about career opportunities and requirements, creating their Career Action Plan, with a plan A, B and C to ensure they are keeping their options open.

Congratulations again to the Year 9 students for striving for their Personal Best and making themselves, their teachers and their parents proud of their efforts and success.

See you next term.




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SCHOOL SPORT UPDATE – Year 8 Volleyball and Cricket Highlights

In the vibrant world of school sports, our Year 8 students continue to dazzle on the courts and fields. In the recent volleyball matches, both boys and girls teams displayed remarkable prowess. Their dedication and teamwork shone through every spike and serve, exemplifying the spirit of sportsmanship.

Switching gears to cricket, our Year 8 boys demonstrated exceptional skill, clinching a well-deserved victory in one game. Although facing tough competition from Gladstone Park Secondary College and Aitken College, they showcased resilience and determination, narrowly missing victories but leaving a lasting impression with their tenacity.

Looking ahead to Term 2, excitement brews as we gear up for Boys and Girls AFL football, soccer, and netball. Anticipation fills the air as students eagerly await the chance to showcase their talents once again, fostering camaraderie and healthy competition within our school community.

As we celebrate the achievements of our students in sports, let us also applaud their commitment to excellence both on and off the field. Here’s to another term filled with passion, teamwork, and sporting success!


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MARCH 2024

It has been wonderful to see both the Year 7 and Year 9 students continuing to involve themselves even further in their music classes as we head towards the end of Term 1. In the last week, all students in music have been busy completing their CATs.

The Year 7 music students have been building their confidence in understanding the elements of music, deepening their knowledge of dynamics (volume levels) and tone colour (sound qualities of instruments) in particular.

It has been great to see students engaging in the ‘Peter and the Wolf’ listening activity. This has been a valuable opportunity for students to strengthen their understanding and recognition of instruments of the orchestra through a fun narrative, to see how musical instruments can portray characters and their personalities, and to develop greater confidence in describing the sound qualities of these instruments which has consolidated their understanding of tone colour.

It has also been excellent to see some students demonstrating their performance skills on instruments in front of the class, as well.

The Year 7 students are currently working on completing their Unit 1 CATs which tests them on recognition of these instruments, recognising which instrument families they belong to, understanding key differences in how these instruments are played, and demonstrating their knowledge of tone colour by writing adjectives to describe the sound qualities of particular instruments.

The Year 9 music students have been continuing to learn about Medieval music and culture, and the influence this has on certain gaming soundtracks. They have been learning about theoretical and stylistic elements relating to Medieval music, such as the treatment of texture (the layers of music and whether these are structured in a simple or complex way) and the use of Medieval modes (a more extended and varied scale system).

Students have been continuing to increase their familiarity with Medieval instruments and making connections to modern versions of these instruments. They have enjoyed watching video examples of these instruments to strengthen their understanding and to make comparisons to modern versions of these instruments.

Students have also begun learning some basic keyboard skills and have enjoyed learning a few notes within a hand’s reach and learning some simple melodies within this range. A few students have extended themselves and had a go at playing with the left hand or combining both hands together. Shortly before sitting the CAT, several students were having a go at improvising on the keyboards in pairs or small groups, applying their new knowledge of Medieval modes and which notes these contain.

The Year 9 students completed their Unit 1 CAT this week. This tested their recognition of Medieval instruments from both images and performance recordings, Medieval modes and how these relate to major and minor scales, their understanding of different types of textures in Medieval music, including different types of polyphony, and their recognition of Gregorian Chant.

The instrumental program is gaining momentum, and it is great to see some more students keen to sign up for instrumental lessons. The band has recently resumed regular weekly after-school rehearsals and is getting ready to perform early next term at a few events. They were sounding great when rehearsing the ‘Peter Gunn’ theme the other night. We look forward to more outstanding advancements in our music program next term.


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Exciting news! The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) will unveil its 2024 shortlisted books on March 19. These selections represent top literature for all ages. Stay tuned as we look to add some new titles to our own collection. Also, mark your calendar for CBCA’s pinnacle event, Children’s Book Week®, with winners announced on August 16. This year’s theme, Reading is Magic, will inspire our students to explore the wonders of our world.

Our school library has recently acquired a wealth of new titles, including previous works by CBCA nominated authors. These additions encompass a rich variety of fiction and non-fiction, providing our students with a diverse array of stories and knowledge to explore and enjoy.




A walk in the dark by Jane Godwin.


When five teenagers head in to the forest that late afternoon, none of them is aware what the night will bring. Each will have to draw on their particular strengths to survive. Each will have to face the unknown, battling the elements, events beyond their control, and their own demons. It’s a night that will change everything.

Set in the rainforest of Victoria’s Otway Ranges, A walk in the dark is about friendship, trust, identity and family, consent and boundaries.





Bored, Frog’s mystery twin by Matt Stanton

Sometimes feeling bored is just the beginning.

“My name is Frog and this may have been a very bad idea. I’ve started at this new school and when you’re trying to fit in the best thing you can do is just try something totally crazy! Right? Well, it seemed like a good plan.”

From the million-copy bestselling author of FUNNY KID and THE ODDS comes another story in this laugh-out-loud new series about the complicated business of being a kid.




We’re always open to suggestions, so if there are any popular titles you’d like to see on our shelves, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: Happy reading!

Call for Library Monitors!

Are you passionate about books and creating a welcoming space for fellow students? Do you enjoy organising and helping others? Then we need YOU to join our team of library monitors!

As a library monitor, you’ll play a vital role in keeping our library running smoothly. From shelving books to assisting fellow students in finding resources, your enthusiasm and dedication will make a difference.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this dynamic team and contributing to our vibrant school community, express your interest by entering your details on the Sign-Up Sheet during Break 1 on a Wednesday or Friday.


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Wellbeing is a multi-faceted concept involving much more than just physical health. It’s a combination of a person’s emotional, mental and social health and it also reflects how they feel about themselves and their life in general. Wellbeing is linked to improved academic achievement, enhanced mental health and responsible life choices.  

What’s coming up? 

G5 Thrive Days 

The health and wellbeing of students is an integral component of functioning and academic progress. Greenvale Secondary College places a significant emphasis on student wellbeing via a robust Student Services team to meet the needs of the students. 

In addition to this GSC have introduced G5 Thrive Days. These days are an opportunity to have students spend a whole day focusing on themselves, others and the community. 

Our first G5 Thrive Day is on 27th March.

Please complete consent forms via COMPASS and pay cost where applicable as soon as possible. 

Please note that there is no alternative program for the day. 

Cash a Can Fundraiser from TERM 2 

Greenvale Secondary College have committed to further assisting  with the environment by participating in the the cash a can program 

Money raised from this effort will go to the development  of a sensory space in the Learning Neighbourhood . 

If you would like to contribute to this fundraiser by dropping off cans, bottles and drink boxes  you can do so on Tuesdays 3:00pm to 3:15pm 

Ensure that the container has the little 10c symbol on it. 


Homework Club 

Homework Club is open to all students on  Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in the library. Homework Club is supervised by Inclusive Education Staff. 

Breakfast Club 

Breakfast is available for all students on  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15am to 8:35am in the Learning neighbourhood kitchenette.


School Holiday Support 


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Elizabeth Cullen – Business Manager 

Liz is responsible for all HR, finance, facilities and operations matters at the College. Please be in touch as you need to discuss how the College can best support you and your students.

Connie Midiri – Daily Organiser 

Connie is responsible for daily organising and the school’s schedule. Connie also coordinated student first aid and medical information.

Jarryd Wright – Administration Officer

Jarryd is the first point of contact at Reception and can help you with any enquiry.

Annie Remeysen – Administration Officer 

Annie is a member of our Student Engagement Team and responsible for monitoring student attendance. Annie is a well known face in the Greenvale basketball community and can also assist with CSEF or financial hardship applications.

Nazira Kirim-Esen – Enrolments Officer 

Naz is responsible for all new student enquiries to the College. Naz can guide families through all enrolment processes and is able to assist in Turkish language as required.

Susi Dombrzalski – HR Manager/Executive Assistant 

Susi is Executive Assistant to the Principal and can assist with meeting and scheduling request. In addition, Susi looks after all staff HR matters. She is also a member of the Greenvale Secondary College parent community.

Shweta Bhatti – Finance and Office Manager 

Shweta is responsible for all accounts payable and receivable matters. You can get in touch if you have enquiries about billing and payments.



Schools provide students with free instruction to fulfil the standard Victorian curriculum and we want to assure you that all contributions are voluntary. Nevertheless, the ongoing support of our families ensures that our school can offer the best possible education and support for our students. We want to thank you in advance for all your support, whatever it may be, during your time at Greenvale Secondary College. It will make a huge difference to our school and the programs we can offer. 

If you are not able to contribute per the amounts listed in the parent payment arrangements policy, you are encouraged to make any dollar contribution that you are able to. Any amount helps contribute to the resources and educational opportunities the College is able to provide to all students. 

All payments can be made through Compass Pay or at Reception.  

You can find more information about the College’s 2024 parent payment arrangements here: 2024-GSC-Parent-Payment-Arrangements-FINAL.pdf ( 

Please note that deadlines for payment and consent for activities, camps and excursions is strict. No exceptions will be made. This is to allow the College adequate planning time before an event to know firm numbers of students who will be participating. This cut off is usually 2 days prior to the event.  


Students who arrive late to school, after 8:50am, must sign in through the Compass Kiosk either using their student card or Compass Login details.  

Parents/Guardians can either use the Compass Kiosk to sign their child in late or contact the Office on 8393 0000 advising us why their child will be late.  


We realise that at times you need to pick up your child early from school. When your child needs to be picked up early from school, please either contact the Office on 8393 0000 or send your child with a note to bring into Office Administration letting us know the time you will be picking up your child. This will ensure the class teacher will be notified your child needs to leave class.   

When picking up your child early, you are required to come into the Administration Office and sign your child out through the Compass Kiosk. 

We request you pick your child up at the change over time between periods and do not pick your child up early after 2:45pm to minimise disruption to classes. 


Students who are not in Full School Uniform, we ask that a note is brought to the Administration Office explaining why your child cannot wear their full school uniform, so a uniform pass can be issued for the day.   


The College provides laptops available for loan should your student forget theirs or if they need a replacement for a short period of time. These must be loaned out from the IT Office each day and returned at the end of the day.   


Families requiring assistance with their Compass login contact the Administration Office on 8393 000 and we can assist you with your login details and password. 


If you’d like to volunteer at the College, please complete this form. The College needs helpers for excursions, camps, sporting events, in the Library and general working bees!    


The College collects lost property that is handed in and this is stored at Reception. All unclaimed items will be disposed of at the end of each term. 

We strongly recommend that all items are labelled and named so they can be easily identified and returned to you.  

The team at Reception can also organise replacement Student Planner, student locks and/or ID cards for purchase if needed. 


Unfortunately, we know that students sometimes fall ill or hurt themselves while at school – accidents happen! The College has first aid trained staff and a well-equipped first aid room.   

The Office will notify parents or emergency contacts if there is a serious injury. You may be asked to collect your student if we cannot care for them at school. The Office may also contact you to seek your advice about how you’d like us to manage your child.  

Please remember to update the College with any important medical information so we can be aware and support. Any medication provided to the College must come with a doctor’s certificate about its use and a completed medication authority form.  

Please discourage your child from contacting you via mobile phone – if they are unwell, they can come to the Office at any time and we will contact you as needed.   


Families can order their child’s lunch through Compass each day, before 9:30am.  Students are to go to the canteen to collect their orders at the start of Break 1 or Break 2.  

If you miss the cut off for lunch orders, you are welcome to bring lunch or money to the Administration Office so your student doesn’t miss out. Please note, there are no IOUs available through the Canteen. 





27th FebruarySchool Photo Day
28 February – 1 MarchYear 7 Transition Camp/ Digital Learning for all Year 7 students who are not attending camp 
7 March Parent Teacher Interviews 
11 March  Labour Day Public Holiday 
13 March -15 MarchYear 7 and 9 Naplan
27 March G5 Thrive Day 
28 March Digital Learning Day/ Last Day of Term
15 AprilFirst Day of Term 2
25 AprilANZAC Day



Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally. Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 or an equivalent qualification have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives. It is important that children develop habits of regular attendance at an early age. 

We realise some absences are unavoidable due to health problems or other circumstances. But we also know that when students miss too much school – regardless of the reason – it can cause them to fall behind academically.  

It is important that you contact the school as soon as possible on 8393 0000 or log onto the Compass Portal to inform us of your child’s absence.  

We also ask parents/guardians/carers to regularly monitor their child’s attendance through the Compass Parent Portal. 


A day here or there doesn’t seem like much but… 



 We have partnered with Sustainable School Shop to provide families access to second-hand textbooks, uniforms, calculators, musical instruments, sports gear and much more!

Sustainable School Shop have preloaded items specific to our school onto their site. This makes it super easy to list your items for sale and to buy items.

See all the second-hand uniform items for sale here:

See all the second-hand textbooks for sale here:

So jump onto the site, register and list your items for sale, you will be:

  • reusing items rather than adding to landfill
  • making money on items you sell
  • saving money on items you buy
  • providing another family in our school with cheaper items
  • helping to create a culture of contact amongst our school community families!

Login or Register here:



Uniform items can be purchased from Noone Imagewear.

New Craigieburn Store Open. Shop A2-E,  420-440 Craigieburn Rd, Craigieburn.  Shopping Precinct – Craigieburn Junction. Cnr Craigieburn Rd and Aitken Boulevard. Store is located next to Carpet Call.

Online orders can also be placed directly at











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