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Welcome to the first edition of our Connect Newsletter for 2024. 

As the proud Principal of Greenvale Secondary College, it is exciting to be able to share with you the many great things currently happening in our school. Being the start of a school year, we have welcomed a new cohort of students into year 7 – a cohort that will graduate from Greenvale Secondary College in 2029! The first 5 weeks of the year have gone very quickly, but it hasn’t taken any time to notice how proud our students and parents are of our school. This has been especially evident at our first Assembly of the year.

Our school pride was also evident at one of the first events of the year: our Welcome BBQ, held on February 8th. It was most pleasing to see so many of our new families attend our Welcome BBQ. These types of events are so important as we continue to establish our school community and it was great to hear so many positive stories afterwards from the families who attended. 



The College has been busy with recruitment, and in 2024 we have the following new staff: 

  • Learning Specialist (Numeracy Growth & Enhancement) – Miss. Shannon Lazarus 
  • Classroom Teacher (Mathematics / Science) – Miss. Andromachi Tosouni 
  • Classroom Teacher (Mathematics / Science) – Miss. Maria Pakakis 
  • Classroom Teacher (English / Humanities) – Miss. Taylah Watson 
  • Classroom Teacher (Visual Communication / Media) – Miss. Brittney Moro 
  • Classroom Teacher (Health and PE) – Mr. Liam Watt 
  • Classroom Teacher (Music) – Mr. Maxim Sheko 
  • Classroom Teacher (Chinese) – Miss. Nina Ye 
  • Classroom Teacher (Drama) – Mr. Ryan Patterson 
  • Mental Health Practitioner – Miss. Andrea Black 
  • Finance and Office Manager – Mrs. Shweta Bhatti 
  • Administration Officer – Mrs. Annette Remeysen 
  • Enrolments Officer – Mrs. Nazira Karim-Esen 
  • Librarian – Mrs. Kathy Notis 
  • Inclusion Support – Mrs. Nuni Berger 
  • Inclusion Support – Miss. Shaqueal Sabatino 
  • Food Technology Assistant – Mrs. Sharon Lomiglio 


The College has also completed the process to appoint staff to positions of responsibility for 2024, these include: 

  • Year Level Leaders (Year 7) – Mr. Davey Van’t Schip 
  • Year Level Leaders (Year 8) – Ms. Diane Dixon & Miss Shannon Lazarus  
  • Year Level Leaders (Year 9) – Mr. Liam Watt & Mrs. Rana Bakdache 
  • College Sport Coordinator – Mr. James Tonna 
  • Mathematics Learning Leader – Miss Shannon Lazarus 
  • Science Learning Leader – Mrs. Madeline Austin  
  • English and Humanities Learning Leader – Miss. Rene Van Rooyen 
  • Health and PE Learning Leader – Mr. James Tonna 
  • Arts and Technology Learning Leader – Mrs. Rana Bakdache 


The following staff are Mentor Teachers in 2024: 

7A Miss. Laura Carland 8A Miss. Rene Van Rooyen 
7B Miss. Brittney Moro 8B Miss. Nina Ye 
7C Mr. Liam Murphy 8C Mrs. Melinda Gall 
7D Miss. Taylah Watson 8D Ms. Diane Dixon 
7E Miss. Gayle Maginn 8E Mr. Ryan Patterson 
8F Miss. Emily Leenaars 
9A Mr. Maxim Sheko 9D Mr. Liam Watt 
9B Miss. Lucy Gibbs 9E Miss. Tianshi Luu 
9C Mrs. Angela Alessandri 









In 2024, the College is guided by the following members of the Leadership Team: 

  • Mr. Mark Natoli – Principal 
  • Mrs. Melinda Gall – Assistant Principal 
  • Miss. Lucy Gibbs – Assistant Principal 
  • Miss. Liz Cullen – Business Manager 
  • Mrs. Tanya Vella – Student Services Manager 
  • Mrs. Angela Alessandri – Head of Curriculum 
  • Miss. Kathleen Timms – Head of School (Year 9) 
  • Mr. Ken Sinderberry – Head of School (Year 7 & 8) 
  • Miss. Rene Van Rooyen – Learning Specialist (Student Voice, Agency & Inclusion) 
  • Miss. Shannon Lazarus – Learning Specialist (Numeracy Growth & Enhancement) 
  • Miss. Laura Carland – Learning Specialist (Growth & Enhancement) 



Our College Music Program continues to go from strength to strength as our students’ music proficiency grows. Recently, our music students showcased their talents at our Welcome BBQ.

We have a few available spots remaining for various instrumental lessons. Anyone interested in learning a musical instrument is encouraged to contact the College. 



Greenvale Secondary College offers a number of academic enhancement programs for our students. At Greenvale, we provide opportunities for students to do things that reflect their passion or interest. This ensures students take leadership of their learning and promotes more rapid learning growth. Our 2024 program will commence for students in the next week and it will be fantastic to see all students being supported to achieve high levels of learning growth. 



The College has now announced dates for both our 2025 Family Information Sessions and College Tours. The enrolment demand on our College continues to increase and we are looking forward to meeting future families to show them our fabulous school

Bookings for both the Information Sessions and College Tours are available by visiting our website –  





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Our students have had a solid start to the year and are now starting to settle into their new classes and learning. Much of the work the first three weeks has included explicitly teaching students classroom routines in their subjects to become more confident and effective learners. With all students from Year 7-9 we have had a specific focus on being ready to learn. This is something that parents and carers can help their child with by prompting them to check that they have a charged laptop, a clean uniform, their planner, books and pencil case every day.   

It was lovely to chat with so many parents at our Welcome BBQ. Our Year 7 camp is not far away, and will be a great opportunity for students to get to know each other and their teachers better, to challenge themselves in activities and to become more confident young people.  

Our Year Level Leaders have been in contact with many of you already, introducing themselves and discussing strategies to support your child. Evidence shows us that the more effectively families and the school work together, the greater the educational outcome is for the child. So, please keep communication channels open and let us know if/when there is ever an issue or concern. 


Year 7Year 8Year 9
Head of Sub-School Mr Sinderberry Mr Sinderberry Ms Timms
Year Level Leaders Mr Van’t Schip Ms Lazaras Ms Bakdache 
 Ms Dixon Mr Watt 



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In the next few weeks Parents and Teachers will meet and the question asked most will be: “Does my child get homework? If so, they say they don’t have any.” Greenvale Secondary College has a Homework, Revision and Preparation policy (Found in: School documentation in Compass) that states that for students in Years 7 to 9 should spend “45 to 90 minutes on homework per day”. This can include finishing off work not finished in class or set tasks from the teacher. Another important part of homework is revision. This is where students should spend some time reading over classwork, making mind maps or flashcards for new vocabulary.

Homework is about helping the brain move information from short to long term memory. Multiple exposures to new information is a way of imbedding information or skills into that long term memory.


  • Making dinner by following the instructions on a meal kit
  • Finding the best buy whilst shopping at the supermarket
  • Reading for half an hour (at least) – assigned texts or free choice
  • Practicing times tables – on an app or answering questions

In the later year levels students will need to spend time studying for longer and longer periods of time to achieve study scores that will ensure that they can enter a tertiary institution of their choice. And then the hard work starts! Just like a sport where you need to practice often to get better at a new skill, homework is that for the brain. It is the tool to build stamina for concentration, it takes practice.


  • providing a place and a desk for homework and study
  • encouraging them to set aside a regular daily session to read and complete homework on time.
  • checking whether homework has been set and ensuring they keep a homework diary

Homework should not cause stress at home. If you and your student have done your best to try and complete a task and have not been successful, write a note to your student’s teacher (in the school planner) asking for more assistance or extra time.


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Welcome to 2024 and a big welcome to all our new year 7 students and their families. Your secondary school journey is underway and before we know it the year will be 2029 and you’ll be graduating.  

The first day of school started with 122 year 7 students who were a mixture of anxiousness, fear, excitement and happiness. Our welcome assembly kicked off the day where parents were invited to stay with their child while Mr Natoli, Mr V and Mr Sinderberry all spoke. After the assembly finished there was a quick goodbye from families and admittedly some tears, but the students said: “Don’t worry mum and dad–the teachers will take good care of me.” And that’s exactly what we did! At the end of day one there were lots of smiles and thumbs up across campus.

Then, the year 8 students joined us and the whole Junior School was complete. Students participated in our step-up program during the first week. It was a good chance for students to settle back into the school routine after the summer break. The students adjusted into their new class environment and met all their new teachers. Lots of new experiences for both year levels; new subjects, new learning and new attitudes to their education. After step-up the students began the 2024 academic curriculum, and we haven’t looked back yet.   

A highlight of the term so far has been the 2024 Welcome BBQ. Done a little differently this year, students and families of all year levels were invited to the school. There was a chance for a sausage and an informal chat with staff before presentations by the Year Level Leaders and Head of School. It was good to meet all the families who attended.  

Another highlight was the annual swimming carnival. Whilst the rain decided to drizzle most of day it didn’t dampen the spirit of the day. It was great to see many students from both year levels get in the water and compete for their houses.  

The whole sub school team has been very pleased to see the amount of positive recognitions on Compass. Students are doing a great job of displaying the school values of Respect, Leadership, Excellence and Teamwork. During week 3 there was a challenge to see which mentor group could get the most positive recognitions during the week. A huge congratulations to 7B who won that challenge with 68 Compass entries. This week we’re launching peer recognitions. Students are now able to nominate fellow students for positive recognitions. We are hoping students will nominate each other as much as staff allocate nominations. Remember to keep a look out for fellow students exemplifying our school values.  

Day to day classes are going well. Any student needing a bit of extra help from staff can find support during Homework Club. Homework Club runs Monday to Thursday in the library. 

We hope students have shared positive stories about the year so far. If at any time there are concerns please don’t hesitate to get in contact with your child’s Mentor teacher who will assist as best they can.  

 We’re looking forward to a successful March in the Junior School.  



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Term 1 so far has been a buzz of energy as students are adjusting to new timetables, classes, teachers and expectations. It has been great to see students connecting with their peers in a positive way and engaging with their learning, especially in their electives. Whilst we acknowledge this has been a period of change that has challenged many students, most have settled in well and have shown resilience to focus on their learning and support our new Year 7s to settle into high school.  

Thank you to our new staff for engaging so positively with our students, bringing enthusiasm and energy to their classrooms as they become part of the GSC community. Thank you also to our Year 9 Year Level Leader’s Rana Bakdache and Liam Watt for hitting the ground running with supporting and advocating for our Year 9 students.  

One of the additions to the Year 9 program is Connect where students are working their way through Unit 1 – Leading Yourself. Connect is designed to support students to explore their strengths and skills to identify potential pathway options and become active citizens in the Greenvale and Melbourne communities.  

We have asked that all students identify an external mentor, who is not their parents, to expand their network of support and help to keep them accountable throughout the year. This person will check in with them weekly to see how they are going in their learning, as well as support them to do their personal best in projects and tasks. If possible, they will attend Showcase events throughout the year (there is one every term) to help celebrate the achievements of their mentee! Most students have identified their external mentor now and have hopefully had a conversation with them about it. If not, please encourage them to get the ball rolling on this extra level of support.  

This term students are developing a Personal Best Project where they are identifying an area of interest or passion to work on, creating and implementing an action plan and presenting it to their peers and parents/mentors on Wednesday 20th March. You will receive your invitations to this exciting display of student achievement this week! We hope to see you all here to cheer on our students as they showcase their work.  

I am also sending this information in a presentation via Compass to highlight the key events of the year, including slides which portray previous Personal Best Projects to serve as inspiration. Please support your children by checking in with where they are at and encouraging them to challenge themselves over the next 4 weeks. 

Upcoming Key Dates for Year 9 students and parents (a calendar was sent home – if you didn’t get one, please let us know): 

  • This week and next week – Milestones Due. Great opportunity to check in with your child’s learning growth so far 
  • 27th February – School Photos – remember to wear Academic uniform and blazer 
  • 7th March – Parent Teacher Interviews – looking forward to seeing you and your child there! 
  • 13 – 15th March – NAPLAN (last one for Year 9 students!) 
  • 15th March – National Day Against Bullying 
  • 20th March – Personal Best Showcase (11:30 – 3pm) 

We are very excited about the opportunities available this year and look forward to seeing the extent of individual and cohort success as the year unfolds and we look towards Senior Schooling.  





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Let’s recap of the thrilling events that unfolded at our eagerly anticipated third annual College Swimming Carnival held at the Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre. 

Nestled in the heart of our community, the Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre proved to be the perfect setting for a day filled with excitement and camaraderie. The state-of-the-art facilities and Olympic-sized pool set the stage for our talented swimmers to showcase their skills. 

Despite the unpredictable weather, our resilient athletes pushed through, demonstrating not only their prowess in the water but also their ability to face challenges head-on. A few raindrops couldn’t dampen the spirits of our spirited competitors, making the day a true testament to the resilience and determination of our Greenvale Secondary College community. 

The heartbeat of our carnival undoubtedly lay in the breathtaking swimming events that unfolded at the Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre. The pool became a canvas for our talented swimmers to paint strokes of determination and skill. From the fierce freestyle sprints to the elegant butterfly strokes, each event showcased not only the athleticism of our participants but also their unwavering commitment to excellence. Top of Form 

This year’s carnival featured an electrifying Tug of War competition that brought together strength, strategy, and team spirit. Cheers echoed through the venue as houses battled it out for supremacy. In addition to the aquatic events, land-based activities such as beach volleyball and a mini obstacle course added an extra layer of fun and excitement to the day. 

Following the conclusion of the swimming events, student had an opportunity to take on our teachers in the 4x 100-meter relay race. Once again, our teachers were too strong in the pool winning the race by a comfortable distance. After the race, participants and spectators alike had the opportunity to unwind and socialize. The carnival grounds buzzed with laughter and excitement as attendees enjoyed delicious treats and shared stories of their favourite moments from the day. 


A huge congratulations to Garrawang House for emerging as the overall champions of the day. Your dedication and sportsmanship were truly admirable, and your victory is well-deserved. The final scores are listed below: 

Garrawang – 152 

Biderap – 150 

Poorneet – 136 

Waring – 75 


Our heartfelt congratulations go out to the following swimmers who excelled in their respective age groups: 

Under 13: Furkan Cetinkay & Vanessa Palmieri 

Under 14: Alaa El Moustafa & Malak Hamie 

Under 15: Arif Unlu & Emna Kanj 

As we look back on the third annual College Swimming Carnival, we are filled with pride and gratitude for the incredible spirit and sportsmanship displayed by our Greenvale Secondary College community. Here’s to another year of success, growth, and unity! 

See you at our next whole school event – The Athletic Carnival 


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It has been wonderful to see both Year 7 and Year 9 students involving themselves in their music classes during the first few weeks of this year. 

The Year 7 students have been learning about the elements of music, focusing especially on rhythm. 

It has been great to see students participating in rhythm clapping activities and creating their own rhythms in table groups. These activities were a valuable opportunity for students to strengthen their teamwork and negotiation skills, and to build their confidence in performing for the rest of the class.  

Year 7 students have also been learning about the various instruments of the orchestra and the instrument families they belong to. They have enjoyed watching video examples to learn about less familiar instruments. 

Students have additionally been learning to read and write music notation. 

The Year 9 students have been learning about Medieval music and culture, and the influence this has on certain gaming soundtracks. They have been learning how the elements of music are treated in Medieval music and how this differs from more modern musical styles. Students has also been increasing their familiarity with Medieval instruments and making connections to modern versions of these instruments. They have enjoyed watching video examples of these instruments to strengthen their understanding. Students have also enjoyed watching video examples of gaming soundtracks and making connections to Medieval musical elements, such as the use of Gregorian Chant in Halo. 

The instrumental program has recently resumed for the year and many students are excited to receive lessons on a range of instruments. Congratulations to the students who are taking the initiative to learn a new instrument.


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The College Library is open, and all students are welcome! We now have a dedicated librarian, Kathy Notis, who envisions the library as a hub of valuable resources and assistance for students in their studies and a place for them to belong, find something of interest, a game to play, a good book to read or a friend to connect with. We encourage students to explore the space, to start borrowing and to keep an eye on exciting activities to come such as lunchtime clubs! 

We are always looking for additional help from parents and carers, especially as our school and library collection grows and expands! Please contact us via email if you would like to volunteer: 

As we work towards establishing our library, do not forget to get your free membership to Hume Libraries! 


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The Student Services Team has welcomed many new staff members and new roles within the team. 

Welcome Luisa De Amics as the Inclusion Team Leader.  Luisa supports all the Inclusion staff whilst assisting teachers to help implement adjustments and modifications in the classroom.  Luisa will be one of the main staff members assisting the school to move to Disability Inclusion Framework which has been introduced by DET. 

Welcome Andrea Black as the Mental Health Practitioner and also Behaviorist.  As the population of the school grows so does the MHP funding.  Andrea is with GSC 2 days a week as the MHP and 1 day as school behaviourist.  Andrea provides support to students to assist in their mental health providing short term counselling and referrals to community services. 

Welcome Shaqueal Sabinto. Nuni Merger, Chantelle Raffaele and Laura Franzo to the Inclusion Support Team.  You will see these wonderful people supporting students within the classroom and providing small groups and individual one on one support.


Referrals to Student Services 

The student services team – Allied Health–provides check-in support, case management, counselling, family support, referrals for educative assessments and referrals to external agencies. 

Students, Families, Carers and Teachers can all make referrals to the Student Services team.   Families and carers please call the school and speak to Tanya or Steph to make a referral.  Students can speak to their mentor teacher, subject’s teachers or present to student services to make a referral. 

Moving from Intergration to Inclusion 

The Program for Students with Disabilities is in the process of dissolving with the introduction of Disability Inclusion. Greenvale Secondary College is very welcoming of this shift.  Inclusion highlights the shifting need to include students in all parts of the curriculum and not just having the student adjust to school and what it offers. 

D.I provides more education and support to educators, support to students who don’t meet the criteria for the usual funding but do have learning difficulties requiring adjustments, and funding for individual students who require intensive support. 

As the year progresses more information will be sent out to families in relation to DI. 

Positive Recognitions 

Students are in full swing in relation to displaying the values of the school in their classroom and the school yard. Many parents and carers have probably already seen positive recognitions given to their students on the Compass app. Positive recognitions are provided to students on Compass. These recognitions equate to points. Twice a term students will have the opportunity to exchange these points for prizes from the reward shop. 

At the end of each semester a Gold Award Activity is organized for the top 5 students in each year level who have received the most Positive Recognitions. 


G5 Thrive Days 

Greenvale Secondary College has introduced G5 Thrive Days to the school.  These days occur in the last week of each term where the books and laptops are put away and we focus on ourselves, our part within the school community and also our part in the wider community. 

In term 1 we welcome: Victoria Police, Headspace, Pat Cronin Foundation, Big Sister Experience, Mancave and Real Life Experience to help support and further develop self-care, resilience, self-love and safety. 

Groups and Clubs 

A number of groups and clubs are returning to GSC in 2024. 

Homework club starts from the 19th of February on a Monday and Tuesday each week from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in the library. 

Breakfast Club is to start 27th February.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, 8:15am to 8:35am, in the Learning Neighbourhood. 

If you have any other ideas in relation to groups or clubs that we can introduce into the school, please email  


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Elizabeth Cullen – Business Manager 

Liz is responsible for all HR, finance, facilities and operations matters at the College. Please be in touch if you need to discuss how the College can best support you and your student. 

Connie Midiri – Daily Organiser 

Connie is responsible for daily organising and the school’s schedule.  

Annie Remeysen – Administration Officer 

Annie is the first point of contact at Reception and can help you with any enquiry. Annie is a well known face in the Greenvale basketball community and can also assist with CSEF or financial hardship applications. 

Nazira Kirim-Esen – Enrolments Officer 

Naz is responsible for all new student enquiries to the College. Naz can guide families through all enrolment processes and is able to assist in Turkish language as required.  

Susi Dombrzalski – HR Manager/Executive Assistant 

Susi is Executive Assistant to the Principal and can assist with meeting and scheduling requests. In addition, Susi looks after all staff HR matters. She is also a member of the Greenvale Secondary College parent community.  

Shweta Bhatti – Finance and Office Manager 

Shweta is responsible for all accounts payable and receivable matters. You can get in touch if you have enquiries about billing and payments. Shweta also manages first aid information for our students. 

Our Administration Team are always happy to assist and support all students and families at the front reception daily. Our Administration Office is open 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday. We are committed to doing our best and if you ever have any questions or queries, we are here to help.  



Schools provide students with free instruction to fulfil the standard Victorian curriculum and we want to assure you that all contributions are voluntary. Nevertheless, the ongoing support of our families ensures that our school can offer the best possible education and support for our students. We want to thank you in advance for all your support, whatever it may be, during your time at Greenvale Secondary College. It will make a huge difference to our school and the programs we can offer. 

If you are not able to contribute per the amounts listed in the parent payment arrangements policy, you are encouraged to make any dollar contribution that you are able to. Any amount helps contribute to the resources and educational opportunities the College is able to provide to all students. 

All payments can be made through Compass Pay or at Reception.  

You can find more information about the College’s 2024 parent payment arrangements here: 2024-GSC-Parent-Payment-Arrangements-FINAL.pdf ( 

Please note that deadlines for payment and consent for activities, camps and excursions is strict. No exceptions will be made. This is to allow the College adequate planning time before an event to know firm numbers of students who will be participating. This cut off is usually 2 days prior to the event.  


Students who arrive late to school, after 8:50am, must sign in through the Compass Kiosk either using their student card or Compass Login details.  

Parents/Guardians can either use the Compass Kiosk to sign their child late or contact the Office on 8393 0000 advising us why their child will be late.  


We realise that at times you need to pick up your child early from school. When your child needs to be picked up early from school, please either contact the Office on 8393 0000 or send your child with a note to bring into Office Administration letting us know the time you will be picking up your child. This will ensure the class teacher will be notified your child needs to leave class.   

When picking up your child early, you are required to come into the Administration Office and sign your child out through the Compass Kiosk. 

We request you pick your child up at the change over time between periods and do not pick your child up early after 2:45pm to minimise disruption to classes. 


Students who are not in Full School Uniform, we ask that a note is brought to the Administration Office explaining why your child cannot wear their full school uniform, so a uniform pass can be issued for the day.   


The College provides laptops available for loan should your student forget theirs or if they need a replacement for a short period of time. These must be loaned out from the IT Office each day and returned at the end of the day.   


Families requiring assistance with their Compass login contact the Administration Office on 8393 000 and we can assist you with your login details and password. 


If you’d like to volunteer at the College, please complete this form. The College needs helpers for excursions, camps, sporting events, in the Library and general working bees!   


Our school collects and uses student and parent personal information for standard school functions or where permitted by law, as stated in the Schools’ Privacy Policy and the Schools’ Privacy Collection Notice. 

Our Photographing, Filming and Recording Students Policy describes how we collect and use photographs, video and recordings of students. The policy also explains when parent consent is required and how it can be provided and withdrawn.  

We ask parents to also review the guidance we provide on how we use Microsoft 365 safely at the school and what parents can do to further protect their child’s information. If after reviewing the guidance, you have any questions or concerns regarding your child using Microsoft 365, please contact the school.  

For more information about privacy, refer to: Schools’ Privacy Policy — information for parents: Schools’ privacy policy: information for parents | ( 

This information is also available in ten community languages: 

* Amharic 

* Arabic 

* Dari 

* Gujarati 

* Mandarin 

* Somali 

* Sudanese 

* Turkish 

* Urdu 

* Vietnamese 


Greenvale Secondary College has decided to use Analytics for Schools at our school.  

Analytics for Schools brings together academic, engagement, wellbeing and student voice data into one platform to create a holistic view of students. This will help our school to better monitor student progress, refine learning and wellbeing initiatives and intervene early with additional support where needed. 

We have assessed the value and security of this software with guidance from the Department of Education. Our staff are aware of how to use the software appropriately. 

We will be providing you with a consent form with more information about Analytics for Schools before it is rolled out later this term. If you have any questions or concerns at this stage, please contact the College on  


The College collects lost property that is handed in and this is stored at Reception. All unclaimed items will be disposed of at the end of each term. 

We strongly recommend that all items are labelled and named so they can be easily identified and returned to you.  

The team at Reception can also organise replacement Student Planner, student locks and/or ID cards for purchase if needed. 


Unfortunately, we know that students sometimes fall ill or hurt themselves while at school – accidents happen! The College has first aid trained staff and a well-equipped first aid room.   

The Office will notify parents or emergency contacts if there is a serious injury. You may be asked to collect your student if we cannot care for them at school. The Office may also contact you to seek your advice about how you’d like us to manage your child.  

Please remember to update the College with any important medical information so we can be aware and support. Any medication provided to the College must come with a doctor’s certificate about its use and a completed medication authority form.  

Please discourage your child from contacting you via mobile phone – if they are unwell, they can come to the Office at any time and we will contact you as needed.   


Families can order their child’s lunch through Compass each day, before 9:30am.  Students are to go to the canteen to collect their orders at the start of Break 1 or Break 2.  

If you miss the cut off for lunch orders, you are welcome to bring lunch or money to the Administration Office so your student doesn’t miss out. Please note, there are no IOUs available through the Canteen. 





27th FebruarySchool Photo Day
28 February – 1 MarchYear 7 Transition Camp/ Digital Learning for all Year 7 students who are not attending camp 
7 March Parent Teacher Interviews 
11 March  Labour Day Public Holiday 
13 March -15 MarchYear 7 and 9 Naplan
13 March – 15 MarchYear 8 Camp
27 March G5 Thrive Day 
28 March Digital Learning Day/ Last Day of Term
15 AprilFirst Day of Term 2
25 AprilANZAC Day



Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally. Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 or an equivalent qualification have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives. It is important that children develop habits of regular attendance at an early age. 

We realise some absences are unavoidable due to health problems or other circumstances. But we also know that when students miss too much school – regardless of the reason – it can cause them to fall behind academically.  

It is important that you contact the school as soon as possible on 8393 0000 or log onto the Compass Portal to inform us of your child’s absence.  

We also ask parents/guardians/carers to regularly monitor their child’s attendance through the Compass Parent Portal. 


A day here or there doesn’t seem like much but… 



 We have partnered with Sustainable School Shop to provide families access to second-hand textbooks, uniforms, calculators, musical instruments, sports gear and much more!

Sustainable School Shop have preloaded items specific to our school onto their site. This makes it super easy to list your items for sale and to buy items.

See all the second-hand uniform items for sale here:

See all the second-hand textbooks for sale here:

So jump onto the site, register and list your items for sale, you will be:

  • reusing items rather than adding to landfill
  • making money on items you sell
  • saving money on items you buy
  • providing another family in our school with cheaper items
  • helping to create a culture of contact amongst our school community families!

Login or Register here:



Uniform items can be purchased from Noone Imagewear.

New Craigieburn Store Open. Shop A2-E,  420-440 Craigieburn Rd, Craigieburn.  Shopping Precinct – Craigieburn Junction. Cnr Craigieburn Rd and Aitken Boulevard. Store is located next to Carpet Call.

Online orders can also be placed directly at











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